Write for Us

We are once again accepting guest posts. The following requirements must be followed for your guest post to be published.

  1. Subject must be about a travel destination (not tips – and also not about Florida)
  2. Minimum of 750 words
  3. Not published elsewhere
  4. One do-follow link to your travel-related website. No gambling, adult sites, low-quality sites, etc. If you aren’t sure whether we’ll accept a link, you should ask us to confirm before you write your post.
  5. Posts must include sub-headers! Do not send one long term-paper looking submission!
  6. You must include either the following for use with your post. Links rather than attachments are preferred.
    • one or more original images, or
    • two or more images that are public domain or publishable via Creative Commons licensing

Posts that do not meet the above criteria will be rejected.

Email to webmaster [at] travelguideline [dot] net

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