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World’s 3 Most Expensive Hotels

Financial crisis or not, there are a number of people in the world that still enjoy a nice getaway from time to time. Many of these people pay more for one night in a hotel room than many pay for an entire year’s worth of mortgage costs.

So, just what makes these hotel rooms so expensive? There are many luxuries that come along with the world’s most expensive hotels and here is a list of a few expensive ones and what you can expect with regards to amenities- should you be lucky and wealthy enough to enjoy them.

Most Expensive Hotels

Most Expensive Hotels - President Wilson Hotel
President Wilson Hotel, Geneva, Switzerland

President Wilson Hotel

The Royal Penthouse Suite at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland will set you back a whopping $80,000 per night. The penthouse suite is typically reserved for heads of state and celebrities who really want to live it up when they visit Geneva. You cannot find information about the rates for this room on the hotel’s website. It will simply tell you that you have to contact the hotel in order to learn the nightly rate. What do you get for this outrageous amount?

  • The entire top floor of the hotel is dedicated to the suite
  • Four bedrooms
  • Six bathrooms
  • A posh 26 seat dining room complete with grand piano and a billiards table
  • Various security luxuries like bulletproof windows, armored doors and panic buttons
Four Seasons Hotel, New York City, US
Four Seasons Hotel, New York City, US

Four Seasons Hotel

In New York City nestled atop the Four Seasons Hotel, the tallest hotel in the city in fact, you will find the Ty Warner Penthouse Suite. This one will set you back about $44,000 per night but it offers spectacular views of the city from cantilevered glass balconies situated all the way around the suite. What else do you get for a year’s worth of income?

  • Nine total rooms and bedrooms that have real gold spun into the bed linens
  • Walls lined with mother of pearl
  • Private butler and personal trainer, as well as a chauffeur
  • Televisions that receive every single channel in the world
  • Private spa room complete with a grand piano and a personal library
Westin Excelsior, Rome, Italy
Westin Excelsior, Rome, Italy

Westin Excelsior Hotel

In the very heart of Rome, Italy, you will find the Westin Excelsior Hotel with the Villa La Cupola Suite. This lovely decorated suite costs upwards of $39,000 per night and offers a number of luxurious amenities. What do you get for this price?

  • More than 1100 square meters of floor space – the suite has two bedrooms but you can get an additional six bedrooms if needed.
  • Multiple balconies and terraces
  • Private eight-screen cinema room
  • Private sauna, steam bath and Jacuzzi
  • 24 hour butler service and butler pantry

Where Should You Stay?

If none of these luxurious-stays strike a nerve, there are many others that may even be a bit more expensive and offer many more lavish treats. But getting there is not only half the battle; for many it is the entire battle. While the cost may seem extreme, these hotels are booked up for the most part throughout the year.

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