World Travel is the New Road Trip

I love to travel. Road trips are awesome, but an around the world trip is way better. I’m talking about the kind of mind-blowing experience where you spend around six months or more to go to all the countries you want to in the world. I suggest you look into AirTreks for ‘round the world tickets four to six months before you want to your adventure to begin.

‘I Spy’ is no longer needed.

Chances are, you won’t be wishing for time to go by faster when traveling the world. In the case you do end up in a car, plane, or train when you have nothing to do, you will be thankful for the time to rest. Entertainment is easy to find in your new surroundings; you can talk to your fellow travelers and make new friends.

The beauty in the foreign sights, smells, and sounds should be enough to keep you more than occupied. You might not expect to meet a street performer when riding the bus in Turkey, and the newness of the experience will enthrall you. I know it did for me when I visited Istanbul.


On a road trip to a new city in the US, you will encounter new sights and smells, maybe even languages, but it won’t be as sensational. Has anyone ever felt exhilarated driving through Nebraska – counting the cows and telephone poles?

Traveling around this whole wide world is an adventure. Don’t get me wrong, road trips have their place on the epic adventure scale, but once you have been to all the drivable distances that are worth going to, it is probably time to graduate to something with a larger scope.

You’ll meet a lot of new friends.

Taking a road trip with your friends will change your life, but traveling the world will do so even more. If you’re brave enough to go on the trip alone, you will be glad you did because it forces you to meet new friends. I met some of the best people ever in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Buenos Aires

They took me in as if I was family, even though my Spanish was rough and my knowledge of their culture was minimal. Through meeting new people and understanding other walks of life, you might just figure out the type of person you want to be, and what you truly want in a friend.

It is affordable if you make saving money a priority.

If you start saving religiously and planning right away, you should reach your goal within a couple of years (depending on your income of course). If you plan out the trip in advance so you can bundle all the flight costs together like I did, it isn’t nearly as expensive as you would think.

You can save money while traveling by walking or taking public transportation instead of cabs. More ways to save include staying in hostels, eating cheap but healthy food, and doing activities with the locals. A lot of touristy experiences are overpriced, and they don’t let you feel the heartbeat of a city.

The stakes will go up.

Sure, a road trip can get dangerous or even unpredictable at times, and it forces you to make decisions. An around the world experience is similar, but multiplied by 100. You will become much more invested in any trip you go on when that trip becomes your life. I took a year to travel around the world visiting 25 cities. They all issued warm welcomes and heartfelt goodbyes, and I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.


I am Isabelle Darcy. I adore lying on sunny beaches, taking nature hikes and cooking tasty vegetarian meals. I am 26 years old, and I have a college degree in political science.

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