Wine Tasting Venues in the UK

Glass of Red WineAlthough wine is generally not considered as one of the specialties of the UK (general assumption being that UK is more an Ale-country than a wine country), there are several places in the country that offer the very best and most elaborate collections of wines.

These collections can tantalize the greatest of oenophiles and make for a terrific Wine Tasting Experience. Adding the touch of English sophistication to the already sophisticated art of wine tasting, these places figure right on top of the list of things to do for any wine connoisseur and they do not disappoint in any way. A list of 5 UK Wine tasting venues is given below:

Christie’s, London: One of the two premier auction houses in the UK, it runs a great wine tasting course which is highly specialized and offers people a very diverse collection of the best wines in the world. The course was started in 1982 by Master of Wine Michael Broadbent and is highly ideal for beginners who want to get started on their journey to the best wines in the market and how to differentiate between them.

Sotheby’s, London: Sharing the spot of the top auction house in the country along with Christie’s, Sotheby’s also offers a very competent program for wine tasting. There are two primary courses, one being the introductory varietal course where people are given introductions into different kinds of wines and the regional course which is more regions specific.

The Butler’s Wine Cellar, East Sussex: A very informal and extremely off-beat wine tasting setting, the Butler’s offers various wine tastings throughout the year and these are extremely competent and informative.

Michael Schuster’s, Bordeaux Index, London: One of the oldest and most premier wine tasting courses in the country, Michael Schuster offers various courses which can competently train people on the intricacies of the different kinds of wines and the makes. Beginner’s courses as well as Fine wine courses are offered to people.

Taste-In: A chance for people to taste under Robert Joseph who happens to be Britain’s foremost expert on Wine, the entire day is spent with the master as he takes people through an itinerary of the best wines and all the related food and so on. The day for wine tasting can be fixed by appointment only.

These 5 UK Wine tasting venues are considered to be the foremost places to visit for all those who are in the market for a day of learning and fun.

When it comes to wine, the field is extremely diverse and complex and those who understand and are interested in the different kinds of wines and so on will find that these five places cannot be missed on a trip to the UK. There are other famous destinations around the country which offer these wine tastings and courses.


Guest post by Charlene, who runs her own British Travel Blog.

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