Windhoek: the Best Tourist Attraction in Namibia

Before we outline the different attractions in the capital city of Namibia, which is known as Windhoek, it is worth describing the historical context of this city. The location is also important, because it is on a flat plateau. The German soldiers founded this particular city, because of the different attractions that it offered, including the natural springs. One thing that you would love about this city is the fact that it is multi-ethnic, which means that you will witness the diversity, which is an important part of Namibian life. In fact, it is located right in the middle of Namibia, and it is also the largest city of this country, along with being highly commercial. However, it is not your unclean, dirty city. In fact, there is a lot of things that make Windhoek what it is.

Windhoek, Namibia by mpaskevi on Flickr

What to See in Windhoek

It is significant to understand that this city is quite pleasant, and well-designed and well-planned out. The German architecture is highly prominent in this city, which shows the remains of colonialism in this part of the world. You would find people speaking not only Afrikaans, but English, German, and of course local languages, as well.

If you want to experience the real Windhoek life, you should definitely see the town of Katutura, which is extremely famous, and it has historical significance. This town is highly popular, and those who have not seen this town have not seen the real Windhoek. For some historical landmarks, you can also pay a visit to Christ Church, which is Lutheran Church in this city. It is built in the Gothic revival style. The lead glass windows, which are colorful are outstanding, and they were gifts from the German emperor.

When you want to truly appreciate German architecture, then you need to visit Windhoek Castles. These castles have not been used as a military fortress, and they are used as a private mansion. These days, these castles, known as Sanderburg, Schwerinsburg and Heinitzburg are used as homes for foreign ambassadors. These are truly the best colonial heritage of the city.

There are plenty of things that you can eat, which are a blend of Namibian and German food. In fact, Joe’s Beerhouse is widely popular, and will make you have a truly amazing African experience, where this old-fashioned hospitality.

If you have plans on making frequent trips to this particular city, since it is an emerging economic city, as well, then look for property for sale in Namibia. This is a great investment by the way, even in a recession.

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