Wild Over Wildwoods: A Top New Jersey Vacation Destination

Are you aching for the sun, sand and salty water? Do you enjoy screaming your head off on thrill rides, chowing down on chili dogs, and watching fireworks explode over the ocean water? If so, then a trip to the Wildwoods may be your best bet for a fun and festive vacation. The Wildwoods are a group of small communities that sit along the coast of Five Mile Beach in Cape May County, New Jersey. The area remains sparsely populated in the cold winter months but comes to life each summer, attracting over 9 million tourists annually.

Wildwoods, New Jersey by David Saddler on Flickr

Stroll the Boardwalk

The Wildwoods have a lot to offer visitors, and one of the most notable attractions is the world-famous boardwalk, a 2 1/2 mile stretch along the ocean, lined with a variety of shops, games and lots of food. There are also 100 different amusement park rides and numerous water rides for those who want to cool off while seeking their thrills.

Enjoy the Night Life

The Wildwoods are known for their happening party scene. There are a number of highly rated clubs on the boardwalk, many of which are active well into the late hours. Then there’re also the free fireworks show every Friday night, concerts, and some tantalizingly tasty food festivals. Just keep in mind that, as local New Jersey DWI Lawyer Evan Levow can attest to, drinking and driving is not necessarily a choice combination. Luckily, Wildwoods has available a convenient trolley service that runs until midnight along the streets nearest to the beach.

Don’t Miss the Beach

Another thing Wildwoods is most famous for are their lovely beaches. They have over five miles of award winning shoreline and, perhaps, the most alluring of it all is that it’s free! This simply means you can dig your toes into the sand or take a relaxing dip into the ocean and save your money for those tantalizing cool refreshments or perhaps a ticket to a boardwalk amusement ride.

Get Out on the Water

The Wildwoods offer plenty of outdoor recreation for the lazy and adventurous alike. If you’re looking for a relaxing way to spend the day on the waves with your family, consider renting a few jet skis or even a boat. You can fish, nap, picnic and lay in the sun, and as the evening arrives, you can head in and finish off a great day with dinner at one of the amazing restaurants on the boardwalk.

It is no wonder the Wildwoods is such a popular tourist destination because of its free beaches and world famous boardwalk. With so much variety, there is truly something fun to do for everyone. This can’t-miss New Jersey destination will leave you with fun vacation memories that are sure to last a lifetime.


Bethany Gillis is a former flight attendant who loves to travel, especially to new beaches. While doing some research on the website of Lawyer Evan Levow she became intrigued with the state of New Jersey, which eventually led to her discovery of Wildwoods. She’s convinced there isn’t a better beach destination in America!

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