Why Hawaii is a Life Changing Vacation Destination

The Hawaiian Islands are situated the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 2000 miles from anywhere else. Most famed in Britain for the TV shows ‘Hawaii Five 0’ and ‘Magnum P.I.’, they were once British and were the place where Captain Cook met his end. They are also where Barack Obama was born. But are they worth the journey? The answer has got to be yes.


The Islands

Hawaii is the name of the state and also one of the islands that make up the archipelago. There are hundreds of islands but eight of them are considered the ‘main islands’ and the most visited are Oahu, Maui, Kaua’i and Hawaii, which is otherwise known as ‘The Big Island’. The capital of Honolulu is on Oahu.

It is easy to see why millions of tourists make the long journey to this amazing archipelago. Hawaii is a tropical paradise. Its climate is warm all year round and it is blessed with perfect beaches with white sands beside turquoise waters. In addition, the whole region is volcanic, which gives it some amazing scenery. The land and sea attract sun worshippers, surfers, divers and climbers as well as a large number of scientists who want to study this unique environment.

Thanks to the diversity of its islands, Hawaii caters for all kinds of tourists. Honeymooners are a common sight, particularly in the luxury resorts that populate Oahu and the west side of Maui, as are families. People who like adventure or are on a tighter budget tend to go to Kaua’i or the Big Island and there is definitely more chance to get away from it all in these locations.

Honolulu, Hawaii on Oahu


In terms of tourist numbers, Oahu is perhaps the most commonly visited of the islands. Honolulu is a large and lively city, perfect for those who are on a stag do or just enjoy nightlife. It also has the benefit of Waikiki Beach on its doorstep and within easy reach of many hotels. If you want to get out of the city, though, it is very easy to hire a car or take a tourist bus and hit the other parts of the islands. Oahu is relatively small so it’s perfect for day trips. Why not take a trip to world-famous Waimea Bay and enjoy the black sand beaches of the north coast? There are also wonderful rock formations and cliffs in the centre of the island as well as on the Windward Coast.

Island Hopping

It is possible to visit more than one island during your trip. Most people fly into Honolulu and travel from there. The airport has many domestic flights taking tourists from Oahu to the other main islands. If you have the time, for example, it is possible to do some rock climbing or diving on the Big Island before flying back to Honolulu for a stag do. The distances between the islands aren’t’ so great, so it is possible to explore all sides of Hawaii during your trip there and make the most of your time.

It is true that Hawaii is in the middle of nowhere and it is going to take a long time from wherever you travel from. Having said that, the natural wonders of the archipelago as well as the extensive tourist infrastructure mean that it is a true holiday paradise for those willing to make the trip.


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