Why Driving Across the US is Better than Flying

Driving Across the U.S.

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Driving Across the US in an RVing is a great opportunity to get to know your family better while also exploring the United States as you drive through small towns, large cities, and natural wonders. There are many choices of motorhomes for sale and you can find incredible deals if you know how to shop. With a motorhome, driving across the US can be lots of fun.

One of the popular manufactures of RVs is Itasca motorhomes which are amazing recreational vehicles. They allow you to travel from place to place staying in your own camper instead of unpacking and repacking from a hotel or motel. New motorhomes can cost upwards of 300,000 dollars while used motorhomes for sale can cost much less.

Driving Across the US

A motorhome allows you to pack once and enjoy a lengthy trip. You do not need to unpack your clothing and supplies, and you can make your own dinner each evening. Your family can move freely around the motorhome while you travel. They can also use the toilet while traveling, which saves time at rest stops. Many people have found that traveling in a motorhome is a great way to reconnect with the family while seeing the country.

Air travel is obviously much quicker than traveling in a motorhome, but you do not get to experience anything between your two airports. You might see a highlight out the windows, but you do not get to stop, touch, and explore the world in which you live. Costs between the two can be very similar as you compare the cost of gas and tolls versus the cost of airfare. The fun and excitement of an RV trip balances out the costs and makes traveling by RV much more unique.

Many people plan their trips by traveling from landmark to landmark and allow themselves time to enjoy the journey, not just arrive at their destination. You can stop, explore, and see the world instead of wondering what is happening down below. No special driver’s license is required for these motorhomes, but you should still practice your driving to make sure you are safe before bringing your family out on a major trip.

Motorhomes are available in all different sizes and styles. You can get a basic model with a bedroom and bath or a more advanced model with multiple rooms and a variety of sleeping arrangements. You can also find models with a slide-out side, which gives you extra space when you are stopped at an overnight stay.

See the US in your RV and explore the country in style and comfort. The joy of the trip is more fun and adventurous than any airplane trip through the skies above the land you love. A trip by air isn’t even half as fun as an RV adventure driving across the US.

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