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Sunset on Reunion Island

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If you want to visit the Indian Ocean at least one and are intent on exploring one of those famous small islands you have heard so much about, you will be left with a huge choice. The Indian Ocean indeed comprises of no less than four such islands, which are Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius, and Reunion. I’m also not mentioning Madagascar, which is often altogether ignored by most people for various reasons, and Agalega, which basically has no tourism industry.

You thus need to choose among the islands of Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius, and Reunion, which is no easy feat. In fact, this can be seen by the people visiting online forums to ask people about their experiences and opinions. In any case, other considerations such as the length of your trip, your travel budget, and when you are traveling are also important and will without doubt affect your decision.

However, even after taking such factors into consideration, the island of Reunion comes across as an excellent choice for various reasons. These reasons, which moreover do not apply to the other islands, have slowly enabled Reunion Island to grow in popularity as a travel destination.

Lower budgets

The first thing that will shock you about Reunion is that it is a relative cheap destination, especially when you compare it to its neighbors. It is no secret that both Seychelles and Maldives can be extremely expensive and that even a short trip there will cost a lot. Mauritius is somewhat cheaper but can also be costly depending on your accommodation and other factors.

Reunion Island is quite different though due to the fact that it is a less fashionable travel spot and not as popular as the other Indian Ocean islands. It is completely accessible to even those traveling on a low budget, and the hotels are not very expensive.

Tourist attractions

Funnily enough, Reunion can be extremely surprising where tourist attractions are concerned. While it is a bit lacking in the beach department with only a couple of truly superb ones, it has the largest number of attractions among the Indian Ocean islands. And these are not just your regular attractions as Reunion Island includes an active volcano, a canyon with cliffs more than 3000 feet tall, and the most amazing landscapes you will find in the Indian Ocean. As such, if hiking through great spots thrill you, Reunion Island is where you should head to.


The island of Reunion is also particularly blessed when it comes to culture. Your holiday will be made interesting by the multicultural population which speak two languages and where most people are also familiar with English. The history and culture of the island is also easily witnessed through the many museums scattered all over the island, as long as with the exciting culture events and festivities that occur all year long.

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