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Why Argentina Is One Of The Best Countries In South America

Argentina is one of the most beautiful countries in South America. This can easily be proved by the growing number of tourists who decide to visit this wonderful country each and every year. When people decide to come here, they are actually visiting the place because of many reasons, among them being the adventurous activities they can experience here, the cultural vibrancy and of course the natural beauty of the country. This article will feature some of the most beautiful things you can see and experience whilst in the country.

Natural Beauty

Argentina Natural Beauty

Many people have heard about the beauty they can see in Argentina and even though some of them might not believe it to be the Shangri La of South America, it definitely is. Here tourists will not only be able to delight their senses with the natural landscapes, but at the same time they will also be able to taste some of the most delicious and succulent steaks in the country. To offer a few geographical descriptions, Salta is the heart of the north, while Cordoba is easily accessible from Buenos Aires, which is the country’s capital.

Considering marching to the S-E, tourists will be impressed when seeing the Iguazu Falls, which creates a cold and refreshing mist of water and freshens up people’s senses as they get closer to it. However, some people love arctic wonders and to see them, they only need to go to Patagonia and revel in the white peaks of the Andes Mountains. Ultimately, the most impressive landscape of all is certainly the one found in Ushuaia. Plenty of pictures will be taken here by curious tourists who won’t believe their eyes when they visit here.

Cultural Vibrancy

Argentina Cultural Vibrancy

There is a certain difference between the culture of Chile and Brazil as compared to Argentina. For instance, those visiting Buenos Aires will be introduced to the area’s popular tango dance, visit many museums which tell the story of the country in a chronological way and also experience how it feels to drink the mote tea.

A popular activity in Buenos Aires is the Piazzolla Tango Show. Experience a classical tango show in the beautiful classical theater of Galería Güemes. Piazzolla Tango is a majestic piece of live music and tango performance inspired on Astor Piazzolla’s work.

When the night moves on, the clubs and bars are all open and they offer the area a sense of vividness which makes it unique among its neighbors. For those who really want to experience what the country is all about, they should go to a tango milonga venue.

Adventure Activities

Argentina Adventure Activities

Fans of trekking, horseback riding, mountain biking and other similar adventures will find that outside Buenos Aires, the city of Rosario offers them these adventures. Not only that, but compared to the capital, this is the best place where tourists can relax and spend some time in a natural setting. The country’s coastline is also filled with hundreds of beaches which welcomes everyone who wants to get a tan, swim or just play ball in the water and on the beach. Last but not least, mountain climbing can be enjoyed in the Patagonia region, where amazing adventures await everyone who has the courage to consider them!

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