Why are Mediterranean Cruises Still So Popular?

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Ask a random sample of friends, work colleagues and mad people in the street to talk about cruises and I bet that most of them will mention the Mediterranean at some point. So what is that makes Mediterranean cruises so eternally popular? And have you gone on one yet?

Lots of Culture

In previous centuries young North Americans would travel to Europe to carry out their so-called Grand Tour. One of the highlights of this long trip would be time spent in places such as Italy and Greece. While modern Mediterranean cruises have made this sort of travel experience a lot easier and less expensive experience this part of Europe continues to exert a strange pull for travelers. Where else in the world can you find so much history almost piled up waiting to be seen. Some of the most exciting and historic cities and monuments in the world are here and if you want to see a lot of history in a short period of time this is the place to go to, unless you prefer a trip to the local museum that is.

Beaches and Fun

Of course, history lessons would be even better if they were given on the beach. Another of the big attractions of Mediterranean cruise trips is the fact that there are cracking beaches here sprinkled along the coasts of France, Spain, Italy and well everywhere in the region really. Anyone looking to get a break from the routine and enjoy some sunshine on a sandy beach will find that this part of the world lets them forget all of their troubles and look on the bright side of life for a while.

Food and Entertainment

Cruise ships are famous for their entertainment options and lavish meals, aren’t they? This is usually included in the price you pay but maybe you would like to try out some local specialties during the stays in different ports as well. The Mediterranean area has a lot of wonderfully healthy and varied types of food and if you like seafood then you will be in heaven here. Even if you don’t then you won’t have too much trouble choosing from the wide selection of tasty stuff on offer here.

Low Cost

With the description I have just given maybe it sounds like a pretty expensive option. However, if you live in the UK then it is one of the most affordable types of cruise deal around. Why look at going to the Caribbean or Pacific when some of the finest places in the world are so close by and so relatively cheap to see. If you have never seen Barcelona, Istanbul, Cannes or Tunis then have a look at a map and see how relatively nearby these amazing places really are. It seems a shame not to go and explore them doesn’t it? If you choose to expand your horizons in this way then you will find it to be a wonderfully uplifting experience and the chance to live a little without splashing out a huge amount on it.

Mediterranean cruises which let you live life to the fullest are now more accessible than ever online. Get your own grand tour booked today and explore one of the best areas you are ever likely to see in comfort.


  1. You hit a lot of key points. I would like to add that many North Americans only get one chance to visit Europe and a Mediterranean cruise can be the perfect choice for the budget concious traveler. The guests on these cruises receive much more for their money compared to the increasingly expensive land vacations. A Mediterranean cruise makes it easy to visit a variety of countries in one or two weeks. As well as making it easier to manage your vacation money. It’s easier to get travel documentation. Easier to arrange all your sightseeing and easier to book the entire trip with one call to your travel agent or by visiting one of the cruise lines websites.

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