When In Rome, You’ll Never Think of Going Home

Holiday trips or tours are supposed to be a time away from home, work, business, or kids. With this thought, tourists will normally anticipate going home as the end of the tour approaches. But when in Rome, one will certainly never think of going home. Although this city can be overwhelming with its rich culture and traditions, Rome also exudes serenity that cannot be achieved in most cities.

Rome, Italy

Great places to visit in Rome

When visiting Rome, one of the things that you’ll think of is the great places to visit. Among those that will first cross your mind are the world-renowned Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, the Piazzas and the Spanish Steps. Vatican City, the country within a country, is also not to be missed including its religious and historical attractions.

In spite of the prevalence of skyscrapers in almost every country these days, nobody can’t help but wonder at the remains of Colosseum. It was the largest building during the era but has come down into ruins today. Nevertheless, tourists flock this site and continue to be amazed at its greatness.

Trevi Fountain, Rome

And who would miss the Trevi Fountain when in Rome? Mingle with other tourists who are also witnessing, marveling and taking photos in this wonderful fountain. Tourists can also impress their friends and relatives back home by showing photos taken at a site that has starred in several popular movies such as ‘Three Coins in a Fountain’, ‘La Dolce Vita’, ‘When in Rome’, to name a few.

Piazzas are also abound in Rome where tourists can rest from its strenuous itinerary or to simply let time pass by. People normally go to parks, open cafes, and even bus stops to meet or take a break. But what makes piazzas special in Rome is, they are always exquisite and visually appealing. Whether it’s the amicable locals, tourists or the wonderful sights from the place, it’s always been deemed as a favorite meeting place. Among the popular piazzas to check out are Piazza de Spagna, Piazza Navona and Piazza del Popolo.

Piazza di Spagna

The widest staircase in Europe, the Spanish steps is also among the most-loved tourist sites in Rome. This monumental staircase comprising of 138 steps gives a breath-taking view of other significant sites in Rome such as the Piazza de Spagna, Fontana della Barcaccia, and a museum dedicated to the English poet, John Keats.

Another place or rather, country, to marvel in Rome is the Vatican City where the Pope lived. Catch a crowd of Catholic devotees and view the St. Peter’s Basilica, Michaelangelo’s remarkable artworks in the Sistine Chapel and other churches and museums.

Things to do in Rome

There’s certainly more to Rome than these and other remarkable historical and religious sites that any Rome travel guide can lay out. You can also enjoy life as Romans do. Tourists can go strolling or jogging through the gardens and wide public parks, have the best ice cream at Il Gelato di San Crispino, take the opportunity to be elegant at an evening opera, indulge on an authentic pizza, shop, stay up late for cocktails, and much more.

Final Words

With all these attractions and amazing things to do in Rome, tourists will certainly dread going home. Not to worry, though, because they can always come back to explore more of Rome’s amazing sites and activities that never seems to run out in every visit.


Sandy Allain is always fond of writing helpful Roman travel guides that gets published in different travel sites. Watch out for more helpful tips when travelling Rome and other European countries in his next posts.

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