What You Need to Know Before (and After) a Cruise Vacation

Planning a vacation aboard a cruise ship is a lifelong dream for many people. The luxury and comfort of a cruise ship, combined with visiting exotic locales, makes this a perfect vacation. Many people use cruise vacations as way to celebrate certain parts of their lives, such as anniversaries or honeymoons. However, in light of several cruise ship incidents that have occurred over the last few years, many people are reconsidering this type of travel.

Carnival Cruise Lines

This year, a cruise ship was stranded out to sea for five days, leaving all the passengers to fend for themselves without plumbing, electricity, or way to reach land. While everyone survived this incident, it was devastating to the travelers, many who had saved for their whole lives to take the trip. The way the cruise ship handled the situation made things even worse. Adding insult to injury, the cruise line simply offered the passengers a discount on their next cruise. That’s right, a discount only.

How To Prepare For A Cruise

Despite the few instances that have occurred, taking a cruise vacation is still very exciting. You can enjoy luxury and foreign lands with ease, especially if you prepare before you leave.

The first thing that you should do is review the conditions of your cruise. When you purchase tickets for a cruise you are entering into a contract. You are paying for a service and they are providing that service. Review any terms that may affect your cruise such as cancellation dates, change of venue clauses and refund policies.

Next, make sure that you have everything that you need medically for the cruise. While there is a doctor on board, chances are, if you are taking a special medication or require a special medical device, they may not have immediate access.

Finally, familiarize yourself with the layout of the ship prior to boarding. Most cruise lines provide schematics of the ship on their website. This will help ensure that you are able to enjoy everything the ship has to offer.

What To Do If You Are Injured On Board

If you are injured in any manner while on your cruise, it is important to report that injury to the correct person on board and seek medical attention. Once you have received care, you should refrain from providing any written or oral statements to the ship’s insurance company until you have spoken with an attorney in your home port. Providing these statements without talking to an attorney can infringe on your rights to seek compensation.

Additionally, if you suffer any mishaps while on your cruise, such as the event listed above, you should seek legal counsel, such as Jeffrey L Raizner, that specializes in personal injury before accepting any type of compensation from the cruise line. It is in the best interest of the cruise line to placate you with a discount instead of compensating you fairly for your troubles. Overall, you should not worry too much about things going wrong while you are on your cruise. Adverse events do not occur often. However, if one should occur, you can be prepared to handle the situation.


Felicia Willis is a freelance writer and editor as well as a world traveler, often by cruise ship. Jeffrey L Raizner is an attorney in the port city of Houston, TX that specializes in many areas of law, including personal injury as it relates to cruise ship injuries.


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