What To Do In Vegas (apart from gambling!)

Las Vegas Strip

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Las Vegas without a doubt summons up images of gigantic casinos, poker tables, and the whir of slot machines. For many who don’t fancy a roll of the dice, it can seem like a place better avoided. However, this infamous city caters to more than just the high rollers.

With big figures rolling in and out of the city’s establishments on a daily basis, Vegas businesses have no shortage of spending money, and they spend it in style. This makes it a place where all your dreams really can come true, no matter how wild they may be. Go indoor skydiving, for instance, in a vertical wind tunnel that will hold your body suspended, no training required. Or, if your inner child is missing the sandbox, then Dig This should catch your attention; a huge adult playground with heavy duty equipment that allows you to mess about with bulldozers, and of course the Nevada desert provides more than enough sand. The desert also has vast deep canyons, perfect for hanging over from a long zip-line, provided you aren’t afraid of heights! If you can think up an outrageous activity, you can be certain that Las Vegas already has it.

What may be more surprising, however, is the cultural and educational side of this oasis of excesses. Vegas has many museums, ranging from serious to silly, to keep absolutely any traveller occupied. If the bright city lights aren’t enough, there is a whole Neon Museum dedicated to the iconic glowing signs. The Pinball Hall of Fame showcases the history of pinball machines with fully playable tables. On a more serious note, the Atomic Testing Museum documents Nevada’s history of nuclear experiments. A range of galleries throughout the city hold some of the most exquisite art pieces in the country.


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Of course, aside from the lure of lady luck, Vegas also draws in those wishing to tie the knot, and hundreds of chapels offer very unique ways of doing so. You can take your vows as the Graceland Wedding Chapel, with Elvis impersonators galore, and walk down the aisle to your favour ballad from the King. Other venues range from curiosity to kitsch, splendour to simplicity.


Get your flights to Las Vegas and look forward to the majestic landscapes and lifestyle. It is a pleasure dome in the desert, for whatever your pleasure may be.

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