What are Not-to-Miss Spots in Pakistan?

There are plenty of breathtaking tourist attractions in Pakistan for every kind of tourist. If it is your first trip to Pakistan and you do not know much about it, I would like to tell you that there are several things to do and see there. Attractions are plentiful and so are the activities. Just pack your bag and collect comprehensive information on tourist attractions in Pakistan.

What are Not-to-Miss Spots in Pakistan?

If you want to collect information about different tourist attractions, do not forget to read the following post because it is written to educate and prepare you for the trip. Remember, tour to Pakistan is nothing short of riddle; you can find exotic travel destinations including mesmerizing sceneries, historical places, fun & picnicking places, festivals and magnificent resorts, hotels and restaurants to stay and enjoy traditional and continental food. Pakistan has everything to become a favorite tourist destination. Don’t worry about your stay because there are a number of Pakistan property agents who deal in short stay properties and can arrange your stay at any suitable place.

Museums in Pakistan

If you are a historian or an educationist, a schoolteacher or have an innate love for museums then do not postpone your tour to Pakistan more. It is a home to dozens of museums situated at different places throughout Pakistan but the most-visited museum in Lahore. Lahore Fort is an archaeological site that includes three museums. There are several other museums like it but don’t miss visiting Pakistan’s largest museum, The Lahore Museum, exhibiting items from as far back as the Stone Age.

Northern Area

The northern area of Pakistan is its most spectacular region. If you are a nature lover then do not miss spending few days in the heaven of northern area valleys amongst the world’s famous mountain ranges, near lakes, natural springs, and breathtaking sceneries that you will make your forever memory. Do not forget to watch the sunrise when you will be visiting any of the northern area valleys because it would be a worth-seeing morning for every nature lover. Do not forget to take some warm clothes with you, especially if you are going to visit this region in winter.

Fort Lahore, Pakistan

Archaeological Sites in Pakistan

Pakistan has a rich culture and history steeped back in Persian, Arab, Islamic and Indian roots so it also has some of the most extravagant archaeological sites. The Harappa site is the most popular archaeological site that does not offer much at the site but has worth seeing nearby areas. Make sure to stop for a while at a nearby museum to see the excavations from the site. Chilas, Chitral and Shatial are home of ancient graffiti, you can also found Buddhist rock carving icons, symbols and idles. The Taxila excavation site also has museum to give you a look of ancient history.

What are Not-to-Miss Spots in Pakistan?

Recreational and Leisure Activities

There are distinctive markets, parks, and restaurants in Pakistan that should not be missed at all. These make the popular tourist spots in any country. You can buy exclusive designer items, imported products, export quality products, handicrafts, collectibles, and local items from different markets of country. Restaurants offer several types of traditional and continental food that are impossible to forget due to their exclusive tastes.

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