Things to Do in New York City

By travelguideline.net


Empire State  Building

The Empire State Building is a significant symbol towering the New York skyline, and has been featured in numerous movies. You can see the iconic cityscape from the top.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Recognized as one of the top art museums in the world, The Metropolitan Museum of Art has displays of art from around the world, from Africa to Oceania, ancient Egypt to Europe, and of course, American art as well.


Ellis  Island

If you’re interested in the history of New York City, immigration, and genealogy, you will likely enjoy visiting Ellis Island. You get there by taking a free ferry to and from the island. The same ferry (and same ticket) can take you to both Ellis Island and the nearby Statue of Liberty.


Central Park

There are many sights to see in Central Park, including the carousel, Belvedere Castle, and Bow Bridge. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, mentioned previously, is also in Central Park, on the east side.


Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge was the tallest standing structure from the time it was built in 1883, until 1931 when the Empire State Building was erected. The entire Manhattan skyline from Wall Street to the Upper East Side can be viewed by taking a walk on its pedestrian walkway.

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