How to Eat in a Hotel Room for a Week



Make sure there’s a fridge 

The one thing you absolutely need to make sure your room has - is a refrigerator! Because you're bringing food, you'll need to keep it cold so it doesn't go bad.


You also need a microwave

If your room also has a microwave, even better! If not, you can buy a small portable one and bring it with you. You'll need the microwave to warm up your rice, or leftovers, before eating.


Pre-cook and freeze rice

Rice will serve as the base for most of your meals, offering a starch that is filling but also goes with multiple dishes. Cook the rice at home and bring it with you. Alternatively, you can bring an electric rice cooker to cook the rice in your hotel room, instead.


Bring a crock pot and frozen dump meals

Prepare several "dump meals" ahead of time, from home, and store then in large Zip-Loc bags. Freeze them, then thaw when you arrive. You can dump them into the crock pot when ready to cook, even if they aren't completely thawed.


Pack additional food that doesn't require cooking or refrigeration

Bring things like cereal or Pop-Tarts for breakfast, whole fresh fruit for snacks, peanut butter and bread for quick sandwiches, and snacks like chips and granola bars. These won't take up space in your hotel room fridge, and won't go bad.

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