Ways to Save on Car Rental Rates

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Fall is upon us and it might be everyone’s favorite season to take inexpensive getaways to relaxing bed and breakfasts in sleepy resort towns away from the summer crowds of beach season. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway to see the fall foliage in New England or beginning to plan your big ski trip with the kids to Colorado for their Winter break, you don’t want to pay more for your car rentals. The question everyone is asking themselves now more than ever is how do I beat the high cost of living? When it comes to car rental prices there are ways to save money.

It may seem simple but a good idea when scoping out for the best car rental rates is to always keep looking. With most rental car agencies if you reserve a car and then later find a better deal, you can cancel and make a new reservation without having to pay a penalty. The best and most convenient way to check all the price options for rental car companies in your area and at your destination is to use an online site like RentACarNow.com.

Another way to save money on rental cars is to ask yourself how important is it really to drive a luxury SUV on vacation? For most people who work hard commuting to an office every day and whose last name isn’t Hilton or Kardashian, is that it’s not important to drive a luxury SUV on vacation. If you were headed to Ft. Lauderdale for example, you could currently rent a premium sedan at a low price of $227.49 per week which is half the cost of renting a luxury SUV.

There are some benefits to age besides wisdom and being an AARP member can often bring you a discount of 10% or more on car rentals. The major car rental sites might have deals for government employees and the military as well. Individual rental locations will occasionally offer their own special deals. Even retail chains and credit card companies will offer special rates with car rental agencies, which might provide you with a discount.

It’s also a smart idea, when you can, to book rental cars at non-airport locations. They tend to be less expensive than the airport locations that receive much higher traffic each day. You can save a lot at the off-airport locations sometimes and the only inconvenience is a quick shuttle ride (which is usually free) or a quick taxi ride from the airport and you can save a bundle. The best thing about using a site like RentACarNow.com is that they can give you price options to rental car locations in cities, small or large, as well as at the major airports.

The major car rental companies like Avis or Hertz tend to have the best deals for weekend travelers and usually offer ongoing promotions. This is a perfect way to save on the next romantic getaway you take, so you can save money to spend on the expensive bottles of wine you’ll be ordering along with your high priced meal.

It’s much less noticeable when you drive a sedan and save money than when you skimp on the hotel or the restaurant. Believe me when I say you would rather drive a comfortable sedan on vacation to a luxury hotel than drive a luxury, gas-guzzling SUV to a generic burger joint to even out the overall cost. By using a site like RentACarNow.com you can find the lowest price options on rental cars so that you can skimp on the ride to relaxation without skimping on the luxury of the destination.

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