Ways to Pamper Yourself From East To West

Traveling across the globe can be an educational experience, but it can take a toll on your appearance. Your dry skin, lifeless locks, and tired joints may need to be rejuvenated, especially if you’ve been busy and haven’t had time for pampering. Exotic herbs, hot springs, and mud baths can make the perfect pick-me-up, especially when you’re navigating the world.

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A Shiatsu hair massage is a great way to nurture your locks and show them that you care. The spa treatment blends together a concoction of an organic herbal blend based on the needs of your scalp and hair. Through a series of pressure techniques, you’ll find the Shiatsu massage to be relaxing as it infuses energy and increases blood circulation into the follicles.


A plant farm and spa in Talmei Elazer, Israel sells a therapeutic beauty experience for courageous individuals who aren’t afraid of snakes. The slithering snakes slink and crawl over the individuals back, making it an experience that you’ll never forget. The snake massage aids individuals who experience arthritis, sore muscles, and migraines.

United States

A popular trend in beautification in the U.S. is tattooing. Once the domain of sailors and that ilk, tattoos have enjoyed become tremendously popular and even trendy among Americans of all ethnicities and backgrounds. Exotic, erotic, political, emotional–they’re an extraordinary art form as well as a form of self-expression.


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Looking for a different adventure in pedicures? Then you may want to venture to Sivas, Turkey for a fish-nibbling experience. This unique form of pedicure has clients sticking their feet in doctor-fish infested waters where they nibble the dead skin from your feet. This form of feet improvement originated at an outdoor Turkish pool, but it has slowly made its way around the globe.


The Hotel Heubad in Italy is the ultimate in unique experiences. The body wrap treatment has been shown to have an assortment of benefits that include nourishing the body’s immune system and boosting the metabolism, and is believed to add a radiant glow to any partaker. The spa treatment has clients being soaked in warm bath water while being wrapped in hay that has been freshly harvested in the Alpi di Siussi region.


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Fire cupping is a traditional method of massage in Beijing, China. This method of acupressure adds youthfulness to appearance and relieves sore muscles, respiratory infection and other forms of illnesses. The glass cups are warmed and placed on the customer’s body to create a form of suction. Individuals who have undergone this special treatment may experience circular bruising where the cups were once placed. However, many clients swear by this form of spa therapy and enjoy its therapeutic benefits.

Whether you’re traversing the globe for business or pleasure, take time to polish and pamper yourself by luxuriating in some of these unique beauty treatments.


World traveler LaGeris Underwood Bell offers this article to sojourners in need of a respite and encourages them to make TLC for themselves as important as other items on their itineraries. She has found that exploring the beauty regimens of different cultures is an exhilarating way to add to the fun of any trip.

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