Volunteering on a Safari Holiday in Kenya

Kenya, in Africa, is a popular tourist destination that attracts thousands of visitors every year. One of the biggest attractions (and most well known) are the safari trails, full of beautiful wild animals. Those who love to see wildlife in their natural habitat find that Kenya gives them everything they’d dreamed of and more. If you want to turn your holiday into something more worthwhile, then there are plenty of volunteering opportunities so that you can ‘do your bit’.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Baby Elephant by Craft*ology on Flickr

Kenya is home to some truly incredible wildlife, many of which are endangered or hunted for food, fur and bones. There are several large sanctuaries in Kenya that look after some of the most precious of these animals, all run by volunteers. If you want to try your hand at feeding a lion (gulp) or helping a newborn elephant, then these are the places to do it! The best way to find out what opportunities are available is to do a quick search of wildlife sanctuaries on the internet. Send them an e-mail with the dates you will be in Kenya and what you can do to help. They’ll be biting your hand off for more volunteer work. Either that or the lions will!

Conservation Projects

As well as wildlife sanctuaries, there are also plenty of conservation projects in Kenya. With several areas of natural beauty, as well as some National Parks, they are always looking for someone to lend a helping hand. You could be clearing a riverbed out of rubbish, or planting new trees. The wildlife have to live somewhere and without these conservation projects many more animals would die out. This is a great volunteering opportunity for those who don’t want to get too close to the wildlife, but still want to help!

Help the Community

Kenyan Children by Frontierofficial on Flickr

Kenya is a poor country and a lot of the locals will live in ramshackle houses, or have no home at all! There are many charities that work across the whole of Africa that aim to help the people as well as the animals. Schools are few between in Kenya and a lot of people believe that if children were educated properly then they would be able to get better jobs, therefore living the illegal hunting and endangered animals alone! It makes sense and that is why there is a constant strive to give these children a better education. Wherever you are in Kenya, you can be sure that there will be some community projects under way. This could be building a school, a hospital, or even a well!

There are many different types of volunteering opportunities in Kenya, all of which have their own benefits to the country. You can be one-on-one with the animals, or help them in a different way by providing the children with a better education. Just make sure you take some time out for yourself, to enjoy everything this African paradise has to offer!

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