Volunteer Vacations – Why Volunteer In Peru?

Dental Volunteer in PeruIf you’re looking to do something a little bit different with your time off this year, why not consider being a volunteer in Peru for your vacation? In recent years, more and more people are choosing to combine travel to new countries with a volunteer program – something that benefits everyone involved. The charity or project leaders gain valuable hands-on support for their expeditions and the participant gets to visit exotic and new areas of the world with a guide, and gain a real insight into the country they are visiting.

There are many opportunities for volunteering in Peru – whether you want to teach English, build schools or support doctors and nurses in the local area. Peru is different to many areas of the world, mainly because two-thirds of Peruvian territory is located within the Amazon basin. This means that volunteering in Peru could involve helping to support not only the conservation of the Amazon rainforest, but also the species that inhabit it.

Did you know that the Amazon has over 300 species of trees in just 2.5 acres? Not to mention the hundreds of types of shrubs, plants and ferns. In addition, there are over 2000 species of birds (just shy of a quarter of the world’s total) and 300 species of mammals including primates and big cats such as jaguars and pumas.

Volunteer in Peru with Sea Turtle ConservationBack in the 1980s, logging, hunting and fishing were all identified as threats to the Amazon so controls were put in place to prohibit the extraction of natural resources. The Amazon has some of the most diverse species of wildlife and plants in the world and so is an area for which wildlife conservation is critical.

A volunteer vacation in the Amazon will support the local and worldwide conservation efforts that are underway and gives you an amazing opportunity to explore the local area and catch a glimpse of wildlife only otherwise seen at a zoo. The organisations local to the Amazon need up to date information about the species present in order to provide the best possible care. This information and data needs to be constantly monitored so that any change can be immediately acted upon. In your expedition, you will work closely with the local organisations to help them in this task.

There are huge amounts of walking trails and rivers that can be used to travel around, helping you to get right to the heart of the terrain, and your guide will ensure that your safety is taken into account at all times. It’s not all camping and wooden huts for accommodation either. There are plenty of companies offering comfortable and secure accommodation helping you to rest in the evenings.

Being a volunteer in Peru with wildlife will be an unforgettable experience for anyone involved, so why not consider taking part in a working holiday this year?

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