Visiting the Bahamas For Its Delectable Cuisine

The Bahamas is among the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. Frequenting the globe for tasting delectable cuisines from various parts of the world has been my inherent passion. I’ve taken flights to Bahamas more often chasing my passion for its cuisines. I want to share my experiences about the gastronomic affairs that I passionately share with the Bahamas and which still carries on till date. I also strongly recommend that you too book your cheap tickets and head off to this fabulous Caribbean destination situated southeast of the U.S. off Florida in the Atlantic Ocean.

Beach in The Bahamas

The Commonwealth of Bahamas, popularly called The Bahamas, comprises of 29 islands, 2,387 islets, and 661 cays. This most-frequented Caribbean destination is simply enticing to the visitors. Let me recount some of my experiences here. There are several international airlines that operate direct flights to Bahamas. I was traveling from Montreal, so I made Air Canada flight reservations and headed off to the Bahamas. As soon as I landed at the Nassau International Airport, in the capital city, I was greeted by my Bahamian friends with welcoming smiles. Of course, whether they are your friends of Bahamian natives, you’ll see smiles of all faces. The people here are quite friendly, and you’ll simply love to strike a conversation even with the strangers. These are the striking features of this remarkable place. The weather was also lovely, which enthralled me no ends.

The culture in the Bahamas is a mix of European and African. The people here are mostly of African descent. Majority of the people here speak in English, albeit with a slight musical tilt to it. It seems as though the people are singing while speaking. This is fascinating indeed!

Dining in the Bahamas

I’ve always been attracted to the Bahamas because of its delicious cuisines. Dishes prepared from fresh seafood are the key feature of the Bahamian food. Though, you’ll also find international dishes quite easily available in the different restaurants in the country. The typical Bahamian meal comprises of rice, macaroni, steamed fish coupled with cheese, crab and potato salad. For breakfast, you’ll be served boiled fish and homemade bread. The Bahamians prefer to make fish dishes that are tender and mild. In most of the dishes you’ll find the use of rice, tomatoes, onions, vegetables, sausage and cheese. Thyme and Celery are mostly used for flavor.

Some of the popular Bahamian cuisines include Conch Fritter, Bahamian Pean n’ Rice, Guava Duff, Johny Cake and BahamasStew Fish. Rum is the national alcoholic beverage of the Bahamas. To relish the authentic Bahamian cuisines, you need to buy airline tickets and board your flights to the Bahamas. Believe me, you’ll simply love it!

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