Visiting Greenland

Visiting Greenland is like stepping into another world where pagan gods of ice and snow rule and humans are not welcome. Greenland is a harsh and beautiful place. Greenlanders however, are just fine with that, because they’re descendant of the Inuit with a splash of Norse. And if there is one thing neither of those two groups of people has ever been particularly intimidated by, it’s a spot of cold weather. If you’re planning your trip to Greenland be aware that getting a flight on your date of choice could be tricky so do your research.

Visiting Greenland

Arrival when Visiting Greenland

Greenland is a treeless expanse of green grass and white snow. It’s a gorgeous mass of icy mountains, glaciers and rolling green hills. It’s not hard to understand why it was dubbed Greenland, despite the fact that it spends much of its time covered in ice and snow. Musk oxen roam the frozen landscape, chewing on the sparse greenery.

Fishing in Greenland

Greenland is pretty heavily reliant on the sea for resources. The short summer is not ideal for effective agriculture, and the local Inuit culture probably wouldn’t bother with it even if it were viable. Though some small attempts at farming are being made, every Greenlander worth his salt knows about fishing. You can take to the rivers and wrestle some fish out of the current or hang a line off of an iceberg while keeping an eye out for whales. Be sure to set up a fishing trip when visiting Greenland.

A Fjord in Greenland

Hot Springs

A wonderfully relaxing thing to do when visiting Greenland is to unwind and take a dip in a balmy hot spring with a view over the ocean. The upside of not having much in the way of trees is that in the absence of mountains you can get quite a decent view of the surrounding area, even when fairly low to the ground and partially submerged in a naturally heated pool. The only way it could be better is if you could relax in a hot spring next to a rocky shore with a fishing line hanging into the ocean while whale watching with a beer.

Greenland Food

Like any country with a limited food supply Greenland has a few pretty disturbing delicacies like polar bear, but if you decide to go with less adventurous eating habits like me when visiting Greenland, there is lots of delicious fish, meat, and the odd potato to go with it.

Greenland Iceburg

Norse Ruins

Before Columbus discovered America a few Vikings made the trip. The theory is that because their permanent settlement in Greenland had no timber to speak of they needed to go get some in order to keep their ships in working condition and the local Intuits happened to know that there was more land down south-westerly, which is why some historians credit Vikings as going so far as to have traveled to New York before other more famous explorers. During the little Ice Age in the 17th and 18th centuries the Norse colonies in Greenland were abandoned because they were too inhospitable, even for Vikings, leaving behind some pretty awesome ruins at Jarlshof.

Don’t let the threat of Arctic weather deter you; Greenland is a riveting, must-see place. The temperature does make its way up into the 60s during July, and while most of us wouldn’t really consider that summer, it is quite comfortable. Get your ticket and I’ll see you there!

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