Visit Sri Lanka: A Country of Unyielding Beauty & Transcendence

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Science fiction author and futurist Arthur C Clarke once declared Sri Lanka as the best place in the world to gaze upon the universe.

It’s true that Sri Lanka, whose name in English translates as “sacred island,” has had an unfortunate tumultuous history complete with civil war, violence, bloodshed, natural disaster and upheaval. The struggles this country has faced are numerous and yet it has not been defeated.

This ‘sacred’ land even throughout its tough times has remained stunningly beautiful in physical expression and in spirit; its people are proud, giving, and determined to rise above their shared turbulent past and to let the land again become truly blessed.

The country, much like Ireland with which it has sometimes been compared, seems determined to overcome the darker moments brought on by religious and cultural struggles and economic crisis to embrace the true essence of the island, that it is a place of harmony, history, and splendour.

Kumura Pukuna basin, Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is a country overflowing with natural treasures inviting all who come here to explore the sacredness of life. In recent years it has also become a prime eco tourism destination with the intention of conserving, restoring, and protecting the natural wonders of the island. The eco tourism program also gives inquisitive travellers a chance to experience a unique holiday experience whether staying in a tent or a luxury hotel.

What Sri Lanka has to offer:

1. Smiling People: Sri Lankans, whether Tamil, Sinhalese or Muslim are incredibly giving and proud to show off their gorgeous homeland and their welcoming and generous smiles. They are incredibly hospitable, so don’t be surprised if you’re invited over for a meal.

2. Incredible Cuisine: Sri Lanka’s cuisine has been sorely underrated. Its tantalising and scrumptious dishes feature incredible flavours and intense spices from mild to incredibly spicy with influences from India, Portugal, Dutch, and Malay traditions.

3. Amazing Nature Sightseeing: with its unbelievable populations of beautiful endemic bird species, endangered elephants and protected rainforests. Wasgamuwa National Park gives you the opportunity to see these majestic and endangered animals roaming in their natural habitat.

4. Ancient Cities and Architecture: With over 2500 years of documented history architectural remnants from Sinhalese civilizations of old make for stunning viewing and exploration. Polonnaruwa, Temple of Tooth, the Dambulla Cave Temples, Sigiriya and Lion Rock are all UNESCO World Heritage sites and just a few of the amazing sites waiting to be discovered here.

5. Golden Beaches: Sri Lanka’s beaches feature great waves perfect for surfing or body boarding. But if you just want to laze on the beach after a day of exploring the historic sites, these golden beaches are perfect for that too.

This is one of the world’s most underrated nations: for its food, culture, natural scenery and attractions, and its wonderful people. Sri Lanka holidays invite you to explore a truly unique and exciting country, and maybe even help along the restoration process through eco-tours.

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