Vacations in Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is among the most famous tourist destinations in the world thanks to its natural beauty and wonderful beaches.

Elias Beach on Mykonos

Elias Beach on Mykonos

Tourists have been coming to the island in ever increasing numbers for the last fifty years, and the love affair with this Greek island shows little sign of losing its ardour. Aside from admiring the trademark windmills of the island there is plenty to see and do.

During the 1970’s film stars like Brigitte Bardot regularly holidayed there, adding a veneer of Hollywood style to its already considerable appeal. Today it is still known for having some of the best parties, with revellers dancing until dawn and then heading for one of the beaches to catch up on sleep.

Mykonos Garden

Mykonos Garden

It was the stunning beach of Agios Ioannis that formed the back drop to the famous and successful film Shirley Valentine.

In fact, for people spending their vacations in Mykonos, the beaches are one of the biggest draws. There is huge variety with something for everyone from sun bathers and swimmers to water sports enthusiasts.

However, if you don’t want to spend all your time on the beach then Mykonos still has plenty to offer the discerning visitor.

Houses in Mykonos

Houses in Mykonos

According to surveys the top five things to in Mykonos that do not involve a beach include the church at Panagia Paraportianii; perhaps going for a walk through the wave splashed Little Venice; Admiring the Windmills of Kato Myla or Tria Pigadia (Three Wells); and finally the comprehensive exhibits at the Aegean Maritime Museum.

Mykonos Town boasts waterfront eating, a hectic nightlife and some expensive boutiques. Being among a cluster of islands including Paros and Naxos, it is also a popular destination for trippers using the local ferry services to island hop. Cruise operators also visit regularly.

This hot spot is rich in history and as the story goes, the Greek Island is believed to have been named after the grandson of Apollo, Mykons. According to Geography as well as Mythology, Mykonos is where Zeus and Titan fought. Although famous for its vivid nightlife there is plenty of traditional architecture to admire on the island. The archaeological site on the neighbouring island of Delos is also a must-see. Only able to be visited by boat, Delos is given over exclusively to being an archaeological site. Covered in white marble, it is one of the most extraordinary and memorable historical sites in the Mediterranean rivalling Delphi and Olympia in mainland Greece.

A final claim to fame for Mykonos is that it has won a reputation for being one of the most gay friendly holiday destinations in the world. It has many gay bars and nightclubs and a gay beach.

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  1. OH, how lovey. I can almost feel the sun and the calm of the water and the isolation of the community on the island. It looks like an ideal get-away to escape from the stress of daily life.

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