Vacationing in Bolivia

Bolivia is a landlocked country located in central South America is amazingly diverse in every sense of the world. It may not be the easiest place to travel, may not have the best cuisines but it is its great cultural diversity, stunning natural beauty, deep multi-ethnic indigenous roots, centuries old Spanish occupation , foreign immigrant populations and above all the influence of five neighboring countries that makes it a worth visit destination to explore and enjoy your holidays. If you are looking for a true Latin American experience then Bolivia is a place to be. Hot springs, incredible beautiful mountains, amazing ruins and a unique cultural heritage makes it a great destination to visit and enjoy your vacations. If you are ready for all this fun and excitement then make a plan and book low fare flights to Bolivia which is extremely close to its roots and can be seen on almost every street. Bolivia is an amazing country which is overshadowed by its neighbors such as Chile, Argentina but the country has some awesome attractions that leave you awe struck and compels you to visit it again and again.

Uyuni Salt Flats

Uyuni salt flats

No matter with which destinations your itinerary is packed do visit Uyuni salt flats on your Bolivia trip. Many travellers rate it among the best in all South America. Situated in the middle of a desert, Uyuni is the base for all trips. The landscape is glaring white as far as eye can see and could be mistaken for a winter wonderland. If possible spend a night in a salt hotel located on the edge of salt flats and appreciate the beauty of landscape trough the changing hues of light which is indeed astonishing.

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca

It is world’s largest high-altitude lake has the vast expanse of 8,400 square kilometers of water. The lakeside is dotted with ancient ruins and traditional village that provides it a Mediterranean feel but it is quintessentially Bolivian. A visit to this lake is packed with some of the best attractions. On a visit discover the rarely -visited Inca ruins around the lakeside town of Copacobana, take a boat and out to the Isla del Sol to explore the surrounding lakeside villages to gain the greater understanding of Bolivia’s stunning cultural history.

Ride the Road of Death

North Yungas Road by Alicia Nijdam-Jones on Flickr

If you love adventure then do try this trip otherwise not. No tour to Bolivia is complete without mentioning the North Yungas Road which is often referred as Road of Death. This 61 kilometers long road starts high in the Altiplano near La Paz and descends into the Amazon rainforest dropping more than 3000m along the length. On this expedition make sure you must have a very good quality bike and don’t attempt it in adverse weather conditions.

Discover La Paz

La Paz, Bolivia

Situated at the height of 12,000 feet above the sea level La Paz is world’s highest capital city where a riot of color and noise will keep you entertained for hours. There is a Witches Market where you can buy all sorts of products like medicinal plants, curative oils, and amulets or dried llama fetuses. On the outskirts of town you’ll find the Valley of the Moon which is worth visit due to its beautiful rock formations. The Coca Museum is also a great place to visit that shed light on the huge significance of this treasured national commodity. When you visit Bolivia, it is common to see Bolivians chewing on a bulge in their cheeks; these bulges are wads of coca leaves which help them to cope with high altitudes and hard physical livelihoods. The museum covers every aspect of Coca leaves and its use in day to day life of Bolivian people. It is a must visit to understand Bolivian psyche. If you ready for ll this fun and excitement, then don’t wait, book low price flights from London to La Paz and enjoy this place of immense cultural significance.

Great Affordability and Friendly People

Going Bolivia is very cheap and you can enjoy various fun-filled activities without making a burden on your pocket. The people of Bolivia are very friendly. Even though they don’t understand English but they will try to answer your queries with great politeness and with smiling faces.


  1. This is really an awesome place to visit. I really like the peace and the nice weather out there which makes your vacation peaceful and motivating.

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