Vacationing After the Kids Have Grown

DE Landscape 08: Tiergarten Old Couple

Image by francisco_osorio via Flickr

You and your spouse are looking into taking a vacation. Your children are out of the house and off to college or have a family of their own and you want to have some special time away from home. You check out all of the travel guides that you pick up at your local travel agency and look at the different places you can do on the budget you have in mind.

You decide that you are going to take your vacation not in the summer, but in the winter, when someplace sunny and warm beckons you when the white landscape starts to haunt your dreams. So you and your loved one picks sunny Florida state, where even in winter, you can find a great sandy spot to get a tan. You decide to check out the different packages and you choose one of the Kissimmee vacation packages which include some of the most amazing golf courses to dust off your favorite clubs.

Not only is there golf to enjoy, but you can enjoy sightseeing, window shopping, fine dining and much more. It may just turn into a second or third honeymoon when you throw in a night on the town after a romantic dinner for two with a gorgeous view of the setting sun. You can also find a great deal on a place to stay while in the Sunshine State. The Best Western in Lake Buena Vista offers you a view of downtown Disney and you won’t be far from a number of spectacular putting greens.

While staying in the Kissimmee area you can even visit Disneyworld. You don’t have to be a child to enjoy what this theme park has to offer. With theme parks ranging from Wild Kingdom to Typhoon Lagoon Water Park to Hollywood Studios theme park, there is something you can do and not have to worry about kids running off or eating too much. You can feel like a kid again. Who says you need to have kids to enjoy the things that Disneyworld and all of its neighboring attractions has to offer?

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