Vacation or Business? Surprising Benefits of a Travel Postcard

postcardsIt’s unexpected, but it guarantees a smile. The travel postcard arrives and the bills and junk mail are cast aside on the table – the picture you sent now has their complete attention. Traveling is always more fun when you share the experience, and sending a card back home or to the office keeps you in touch. Consider these other surprising benefits of a travel postcard.

Wish You Were Here

When you take pen in hand and write a message to someone, you make a connection that isn’t possible through the glow of a computer screen. Add a unique touch like a photo you’ve taken of your beach picnic in paradise, and a simple postcard becomes something special. Of course, you can always flip through the thousands of stock cards at the souvenir shop, but it’s just not the same. Imagine your mom’s delight when she sees a self-portrait of you hiking a favorite trail. Aim your camera at yourself in front of a famous painting, and create your own art. That photo can keep you in the good graces of a rich uncle if he’s an art lover too.

Wish I Were There

You probably don’t think about postcards when you’re traveling on business. Think again; there are surprising benefits to staying in touch while you’re on the road. Networking is part of the business world, but sending a card is personal. The boss knows you’re working hard, and there’s nothing wrong with a customized card that lets him know. Put a smile on his face with a collage of the stops you’ve made. You won’t rally the troops back at the office with a postcard of local landmarks, but they’ll cheer you on at the water cooler when they see your version of the successfully closed deal. With a clever card and a little imagination, you can connect with the team in a big way.

Sending Those Wishes

Crafting a personalized postcard is surprisingly simple. The digital world makes sending real mail special, and it’s that same wired access that makes it easy to design your own. Online services allow you to upload any image to a post card template. Most sites offer a variety of styles, so you can make something really unique. It’s simple to add text, customize your pictures and build something memorable. Once you approve your online proof, the service will print your cards and ship them to you overnight. It’s simple, affordable and fast. It adds another dimension of fun to your trip, and you’re not losing time in a crowded shop sorting through boring cards that look alike.

Travel is all about having a wonderful time and sharing your adventures. Friends and family will enjoy the stories and pictures you post on your favorite social media. However, you’ll give them something that really lasts when you send a personalized postcard. Be sure to mail one to yourself. After all, these are your special travel memories to keep too.


A travel-loving journalist, Ann Bailey encourages sending and receiving travel cards. An online vendor like Signazon(dot)com makes the process of creating colorful photographic postcards a real snap, and offers a quick and easy, affordable way to make your own experiences memorable in a whole new way.



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