Utah – A Vacation to Please the Entire Family

With so many different vacation destinations it is often hard to pick a place that everyone in the family will love. It is simple to overlook places such as Utah, simply because you do not know what the amazing state has to offer. In this article I have compiled a list of the best family vacation destinations that Utah has to offer. Once you have finished reading this article it will certainly be hard to pick just one of these beautiful places for your next family trip.

One-of-a-kind settings

In Utah, you have the option to camp in a variety of national parks, enjoy the zoos and amusement parks, or even enjoy skiing at a mountain resort. Utah is home to five national parks, and forty-three state parks! Utah is said to have the greatest snow on earth. This is because the dry climate makes the snow light and fluffy, perfect for skiing. There are plenty of ski resorts to choose from. In fact, there are 10 world-class ski resorts within an hour from Salt Lake City.

If you are more of an outdoor enthusiast who is seeking to enjoy all the beauty nature has to offer, then you will want to head to Utah. In the northern part of the state you will find many lakes and towering mountain peaks. However, the southern part of the state is what you desire if you long to see the massive arches and beautiful red rock mountain ranges. If you want to see great sunsets, you will be able to catch those both in northern and southern Utah.

Do not miss your chance to witness the brilliant night sky. It is important to find a spot away from city light pollution to see the majestic sparkle the night has to offer. This means you must venture out to one of the many national parks at least once on your family trip. This is certainly a memory worth making, and your family will never forget their amazing time under the stars.

Four Corners - Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona

Check Off Four States at Once

If you have ever dreamed of standing in more than one state at a time, then Utah is the place you can fulfill your dream. By traveling to the four-corners area, you can stand in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico at the same time. This is a memory that will last your entire family a lifetime.

Utah has lots of dinosaur fossiles

Explore our Natural History and Find Dinosaur Fossils

Do you have dinosaur lovers in the family? Utah is one of the dinosaur fossil capitals of the world. Utah has real dinosaur fossils on display for you to not only see, but touch as well. You will enjoy walking among the many life-size dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures that will spark your family’s imagination. This is definitely a must see for any archaeological enthusiasts.

Salt Lake City

Enjoy the city life

If you are less of an outdoor enthusiast Salt Lake City is the place you want to be. With over 80 miles of art, live music, craft brews, and farm-to-table scenes you will certainly find yourself enthralled at the end of your trip. Just remember to bring your camera along so you can capture and enjoy everything once you return home.

With so many different options available; Utah is a must see this summer. Now is the time to sit down and talk with your family to see what everyone is interested in and start planning your trip today. The hardest part of all will be fitting so many amazing adventures into one trip. Who knows, you may love Utah so much it may become your new favorite family destination.

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