Using a Packing List – What to Take

Packing ListWhen traveling, a lot of people inevitably forget something; this is because they did not make a packing list. You should already have a rough idea of what you are going to be packing, based on the weather, destination, and the length of your trip. Some things are easy to buy along the way, such as sun block while other things are hard to replace, like a pair of glasses. Here, is what you should take on your next trip.

When you go on a trip, you will need some essential, irreplaceable things. Remember to pack your sunglasses, prescription glasses or contacts, and your medicine. These things are difficult to replace as they may be designed just for you. If you need glasses to get around consider bringing a spare pare of glasses. If you bring medicine, especially internationally, remember to bring your prescription with you. Essential items related to your health should never be forgotten as they will be difficult to replace on your trip.

As far as money goes, you should have a few sources to pay for things. Remember to bring at least one ATM card, and at least a couple of credit cards. If you are traveling globally, try and bring a credit card that does not charge a foreign conversion fee, this will save you money over time. Remember; call your credit card company to let them know you will be traveling. A lot of credit card companies freeze the users account if it is suddenly used in a different location.

When traveling, do not over-pack, that is a mistake many people make. As far as clothes, you should have one good pair of pants, one good outfit to dress up in, and a lot of comfortable clothes. A solid pair of shoes should suffice, with sandals being a backup. Almost everyone who travels carries way too much clothing, remember, you can do laundry on the way. Not only that, if you are traveling, people will not notice if you wear the same clothes often.

Remember, when traveling internationally or domestically, it is difficult to access the Internet. It would be a good idea to bring either a smartphone, a laptop, or even an e-reader with Internet access. Hotels routinely overcharge their customers to use the Internet. It is easy to check into flights, wet weather, and plan your trip with a smartphone. Even though, your phone may not work all over the world, you can still connect to one of the many thousands of free worldwide hotspots.

When you plan your vacation, and set a packing list, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Remember, a trip will go much smoother if you are prepared with everything you will need. On the other hand, do not go overboard, most people over-pack out of fear of forgetting something. Most things you can buy on your journey, though, do not forget irreplaceable things such as your glasses. Also, remember to pack a carry on and have extra clothes and supplies, in case your luggage is delayed in transit.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this post for this holiday season. Right said, we have to prepare a list before we pack things for travelling. It’s a time-consuming process.

  2. great tips I would suggest take more of food rather then heavy clothes and stuff as you never know where you end up in.

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