USA Holidays: Top 5 City Breaks

The USA is well known for having the biggest and best of everything in terms of entertainment and city attractions. From food and shopping to culture and architecture, USA holidays are so diverse that there will be something to suit you, whatever your taste. Here is a rundown of the top 5 cities to explore and the reasons for their unique appeal.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas

Everyone knows that Vegas is the place to go for a party like no other in the USA. Walk down the strip and explore the cavernous casinos where you can lose your money and you time, or make your fortune. With over 200 casinos, the biggest hotels in the world and replicas of all the world’s most significant architectural wonders, Vegas will have you gaping and reeling, and quite possibly leave you exhausted.

Manhattan, New York City

New York

A classic winter city destination for couples seeking romance and girly shopping trips, New York is the home of some of the most iconic landmarks in the USA including the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and Central Park. Cosmopolitan city life, high fashion and world class shopping are the order of the day here, so be prepared. Manhattan is where you will spend most of your time and is where all the key sights and attractions are concentrated.

Haight Ashbury District, San Francisco, California

San Francisco

For a more bohemian, laid back experience of city life in the US, San Francisco is the place to go. Home of the beatnik poets and a modern centre of contemporary art, the city is a cultural extravaganza and good-looking to boot. Its location on the west coast of California led to its historic significance, first as a gold rush settlement and secondly as a fishing town. Little Italy is a vibrant area where you can get yourself a traditional pizza, and fisherman’s wharf is packed full of cute local shops and eateries. Pier 39 is the place for markets and a vintage fairground with attractions including a multimedia tour through San Francisco’s history.

Washington Monument and White House, Washington, DC, USA

Washington, DC

City of monuments and museums, Washington is the place of official business in the US. Visit here for a history lesson in all things American and to see national pride and preservation at its finest. Take a tour of the White House and see the grand Capitol Building and Supreme Court where all the most important decisions are made. The historic waterfront of Georgetown is a tour back through America’s past, and the Smithsonian institute includes some of the world’s best museums covering everything from science and space-travel to art and literature.

South End of Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida, USA


If it’s beach life, sunshine and style you’re seeking then Miami has it all. South Beach is one of the Art Deco capitals of the world, 1920’s hotel facades creating a stunning backdrop to the beach. Culturally diverse and attracting everyone from bodybuilders to bohemians, Miami is just as vibrant in the evenings as it is by day, with cocktail bars and international restaurants serving up good times for all.

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