The Ultimate Trekking Challenge

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Any experienced walking and trekking enthusiast knows there is no greater feeling than standing at the summit of a mountain. Mentally and physically drained, starring into the horizon, in complete disbelief at what you’ve just accomplished. Although this isn’t quite enough for some people and not all walking holidays were created equal.

First on our list of challenging walking holidays is Aconcagua standing tall at 6962 metres, making it the highest mountain in the southern hemisphere. Although this trekking holiday is not technically demanding, it is difficult for other reasons. You can expect between 15 and 16 days of solid trekking, coupled with an extreme climate that can get as low as minus 20 degrees at over 5500 metres, depending on the extremes of weather. As you begin to ascend Aconcagua the effects of increased altitude will start to take its toll on the body. It is for this reason that you will take acclimatisation breaks to make the following days as least stressful as possible. Once properly acclimatised you will make your attempt on the summit, if your determination and will pays off you will be rewarded with some of the most amazing views in South America.

Next is the Island Peak trek, offering some awe inspiring views of Mount Everest during it’s ascent. With over 16 days of trekking and a maximum altitude 6962m you need to prepared for a serious challenge. Providing you have acclimatised well to the thinner atmospheric conditions you will be able to tackle the final push for the summit. For those who can muster enough energy for the scramble to the summit they will take in the sights of towering snow-capped peaks, making it one of the most memorable adventure holidays.

The Himalayas are some of the most iconic mountains that attract thousands of walkers and trekkers every year. Towering at over 6000 metres this is not a trek for the faint of heart. The Mera Peak expedition moves away from the over used and busy trail that follows on to the Everest base camp. Although this will be an incredibly demanding experience on the body, this trek is classed as a non-technical climb, therefore anyone with crampon experience will be able to take part. If the weather stays on your side and you have the stamina to reach the summit, you will be rewarded with some truly astonishing views. You will be able to look out on to the horizon and take in the sights of four of the world’s highest mountains.

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