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UK Royals TourPeople have always been drawn to the royal family. Though tours revolving around the royals used to be conducted a few times a week, they are now highly sought after and are now given daily. Some tours take you around London’s famous landmarks by foot, and others let you ride in style. Whether you want all the inside information or just the basic facts, there is a tour available.

Royal London Walking Tour

The Royal London Walking Tour is a budget-friendly way to learn about the history of England’s royal family. The tours run every day, regardless of the weather. The tour guides work off of tips and donations only, so the tour is essentially free (or very inexpensive). As you get some exercise, you will learn about the history of the royal families over the years and see London’s most famous sights. Take a picture with a stoic Buckingham Palace guard, and learn about Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.

The Will and Kate Royal Wedding Tour

Will and Kate

Take this tour to get “the dish” behind the royal couple without camping out at the computer. You’ll learn the conventional royals history, but you’ll also see Garrard’s Jewelers and find out about how Diana had left the ring originally purchased there to Prince Harry, who gave it to William when he found out his plans to propose. You’ll get the gossip on William and Kate’s breakup as well as insight into Kate’s family background. You’ll see where Kate used to live, work, and go out at night, and you’ll pass by William’s first school. This tour will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the way the royal couple got together and stayed together.

William and Kate Royal Wedding Private Taxi Tour

Royal Wedding Celebrations

If you don’t want to walk around for three hours while getting the background on the royal couple, register for a private taxi tour. The guide will tell you about how the couple met, their turbulent relationship, and how William proposed. You’ll get to see how they lived, what bars and restaurants they frequented, and where they shopped. If you can’t get enough of Kate’s royal fashion, you’ll get to see where Kate and Diana shopped for their high-end, classic looks.

Royal London Bike Tour

If you prefer two wheels to four, take the Royal London Bike Tour. A more conventional tour, this will take you by the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the Royal Parks, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, and more. You won’t just learn about Will and Kate; you’ll learn the full history behind royal London. This is a wonderful way to get some exercise, and it’s kid-friendly as well.

Historic and Modern London Tour

If you like a little bit of the old with your royal gossip, this well-rounded tour will give you the information you need. As you visit the major London attractions, you’ll learn about the history of the city, as well as its modern-day fame. You’ll drive by famous landmarks and glide down the Thames River while you learn about the royal family of today and yesterday.

Will and Kate

If you couldn’t get enough info about Diana and can’t take your eyes off of Kate, a royal tour of London will give you your fix. Some of the tour guides even claimed to have known the designer Kate Middleton had chosen to make her wedding dress before the rest of the world did. They seem to have more information than “Entertainment Tonight” or People Magazine.

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