UK College Tours Worth Taking


As your teenager grows up, college begins to loom around the corner. Instead of growing melancholy about your child leaving home, take this time to bond with them. You’ll inevitably take some trips to visit prospective schools. Use those long hours in the car or on a plane to sneak in some last bits of advice before your child ventures out on their own.


You’ve probably taken steps to secure your own future—you have insurance, a retirement plan, and savings—and now you can give your child some ideas for the future. You may also want to explore the idea of purchasing an accommodation for your student, which can later serve as a holiday home or vacation rental.


The Arts

The University of the Arts London is a conglomerate of six different art and design colleges. The largest art education institution in Europe, the University provides resources for learning about fashion, the performing arts, fine art, and media. It’s a popular school for international students, so the student body is quite diverse. Students attending the University of the Arts London can also participate in the study abroad programs, where they can travel to and study in New York City or Tokyo.

The Royal College of Art by Vicky Teinaki

After students complete their undergraduate schooling, those who want to specialize in art can get a postgraduate degree at the Royal College of Art. With classes are taught by famous artists, design professionals, and theorists the students can use a wonderful studio space to put theory into practice. The aim of the college is to nurture creativity as well as intellect.  Its student community is tight-knit and inspirational, allowing them to learn from each other’s diversity and gain insight from the collective growth.


The University of Cambridge offers a variety of subjects, but clearly focuses on math and science.  Its alumni have made many historic scientific discoveries; Sir Isaac Newton developed calculus and the laws of motion, Henry Cavendish discovered hydrogen, and Charles Darwin came up with the theory of evolution. One of the bridges on its campus is even nicknamed the Mathematical Bridge for its use of tangent and radial trussing to hold up its structure.

University of Cambridge by Christopher Augapfel

Recognized as one of the top engineering and technology universities, its Department of Engineering is easily the largest on this campus. Students can focus on a variety of themes; engineering in the areas of life sciences, health care and energy; and transport and urban infrastructure.


The Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry lets students explore their field in world-class facilities. The innovative curriculum emphasizes practicality; everything students learn will be applicable to their practice in medicine or dentistry. Integrated classes help students learn how various disciplines work together, and students can begin working in local clinical settings early on.

The Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College London is one of the largest medical institutions in Europe. Students learn both in the classroom and in a clinical setting so they get hands-on experience in their field. The student community is also inspirational. Student bloggers make light of the intensity that can come with studying medicine, and there are a variety of extracurricular activities, groups, and clubs that make it easy to fit in.


Joining your adult child on his or her visit to prospective colleges is a learning experience for everyone. Parents may feel more comfortable letting go once they see in person the institution their child will attend. The student may be less apprehensive about leaving home when they know their parents are supporting them in this major life leap.

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