UK Breaks – A weekend in Cardiff

Welsh Culture

Cardiff is the capital city of Wales, and is part of the British Isles. Although Wales is part of the United Kingdom, the country still maintains its strong individual culture and the Welsh language is spoken by many as their language of choice over English. Wales is generally cooler in temperature than England, with the average summer temperature just 16 Celsius, but there are still plenty of outdoor activities and sports to be enjoyed on the coastline and throughout the country’s impressive landscape.

Sporting Nation

Cardiff Stadium

Cardiff Stadium

Due to the sporting culture of Cardiff, it is a very popular city for British residents to visit for a stag do. The Cardiff Millennium Stadium will play host to the 2012 Paralympics, as well as playing host to the qualifying rounds of the London 2012 football tournament. Aside from helping to host the Olympics, the Millennium stadium is home to the Wales rugby team. Keen fans can take a day time tour of the stadium, which includes stepping on to the pitch, visiting the players’ dressing room and lifting the trophy. Children are welcome on the tours and there is even a special “Santa Claus Tour” in December!

Cardiff Consumerism

There are plenty of shops to visit in Cardiff, whether the purpose of the shopping trip is to snap up the latest trends or to sample the local wares. Cardiff market is an exciting indoor market originating from the Victorian years, and is set across two levels. The market sells freshly baked bread, handmade goods, fabrics and souvenirs and is well worth a visit. Vintage stores are also popular in Cardiff too. For 21st century shopping, there are 3 main arcades full of great stores – St David’s, Capitol Shopping Centre and Queen’s Arcade.

Eat, Drink and Dance

Cardiff St Mary's Street

Cardiff St Mary's Street

Cardiff is home to some fantastic local pubs and restaurants within the city centre, with several popular chain restaurants setting up there, and in contrast visitors can enjoy traditional Welsh Banquets at Cardiff Castle, which includes a guided tour and entertainment throughout dinner. For a great all round choice of bars and restaurants, Mermaid Key overlooks Cardiff bay, and has a great relaxed atmosphere as visitors enjoy coffee and cocktails sitting by the waterside.

To find some of Cardiff’s best nightclubs, head to St Mary’s Street.  There’s something for all tastes in music, and if you like to experience clubbing like a VIP, use a professional travel company such as Eclipse Leisure to help you organise queue jumps, perfect pub crawls and special treatment throughout your weekend visit to really make the most of what Cardiff has to offer.

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