Tuscan Villas: Some Practical Advice to Rent One

Salumi e vino lucchese.

Whether you have already rented Tuscan villas during your lifetime, or are considering doing so for your future holiday in Italy, you should have some prior knowledge to get an advantage, saving some money and time. There are so many websites promoting this type of accommodation in Tuscany that nobody ever goes to a travel agency to book one for their holidays. However, with so many choices and so much competition the burden of finding the best deal is now entirely upon yourself. The good news is that there are just a few simple guidelinsĀ to follow.

Book in Advance

Tuscan villas are among the most popular accommodations in Italy, therefore they rent fast. While some people book a villa one year in advance, most people will start booking during December of the previous year. By March you are sure that all the best spots are already taken. Therefore, it is mandatory that you do not leave your decision to the last minute. Another good reason to book in advance is that owners usually offer the current year’s rates on bookings for the following one. Finally, you will also have the opportunity to pay for the rental fee in two or more stages and see applied a cancellation policy. Last minute rentals are usually to be paid in full upon booking and there is no refund available in case of cancellation.

Rent Direct

To save the most you should rent your Tuscan villas direct. Property by owner are by far the cheapest, and you can find the same property on the market at a considerable discount if compared to many agency websites. The reason is simple. The owner does not have to pay for an intermediation, so he is willing to cut you a good deal. How can you find properties by owner only? Agency websites are increasingly advertising properties with their real name, however many great accommodations do not have a dedicated website. Fortunately, there are websites that list properties by owner only, even those that do not have their own Internet site, and you should search for those.

Go Local

Many first-timers try to get an insight on property rental forums reading opinions on Tuscan villas. While this is an excellent way to get an unbiased opinion, you are bound to a restricted number of properties, often the most popular and expensive. Therefore, you should try to rely on local information sources, such as the tourist promotion agencies in Tuscany. Each province or area has a dedicated office that takes care, among many other things, of listing properties and giving information on them. You will talk to locals that personally know the territory and will surely give you a much richer picture than someone who has visited Tuscany for a week or two.

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