Try Before You Buy: Renting a Yacht To Experience The World

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With the wind blowing through your hair, views of beautiful surroundings and the warm sea gently lapping at the side of your boat, it’s easy to see why being the skipper of your very own luxury yacht is the perfect way to sail. However, it may be that owning your own boat and sailing away the stresses of life seems only possible in your dreams?

Nonetheless don’t throw away those thoughts yet. Experiencing sailing doesn’t have to mean buying your own boat, or paying  for an expensive cruise. There’s always the option to sail the seas without a luxury yacht price tag by using yacht rental.

If you’ve never been sailing before, it’s probably best to find a friend with a bit of experience first, or rent a yacht and hire a professional captain. But if you’ve done it all before than you’re all set to sail  your bareboat charter yacht (where no crew is provided).

Whether you choose to live like a sailor on a blue-water cruising yacht, or sit back and relax on a luxurious catamaran, chartering your own boat gives you the freedom to choose where you want to go,  how long you want to sail for and more importantly who you want to experience it with.

To start you off with choosing a destination, listed below are the top three places to sail.

Phuket – Thailand

Sailing in Thailand really will feel like you’re dreaming. After you’ve experienced the white sandy beaches, warm welcoming culture and unforgettable snorkeling and scuba diving communities, (where you can spot fish like this) it’s safe to say you’ll want to be sailing all year long.

Better yet the waters of Phuket’s east coast are said to have the ideal sailing conditions for every day of the year, due to their positioning in a protected swath of the Andaman Sea – perfect for those who haven’t been sailing very long.

There are plenty of excuses to explore onshore too like the buzzing nightlife, charming island villages and delicious Thai cuisine, just to name a few.

Mahe, Seychelles

In this less-traveled part of the world you’ll feel like you’ve discovered an unknown paradise.

If the tropical forests, soft sandy beaches and colorful coral reefs aren’t enough to keep you occupied, the boutiques, seaside resorts and fine quality restaurants will definitely have you entertained as you pull up onshore. Don’t forget to see the giant tortoises too!

For water conditions the Seychelles sits in a relatively calm swath of the Indian Ocean, however an annual monsoon tends to influence the wind and weather conditions for sailors, so it’s best to brush up on your basic coastal navigation skills when setting off to sail around these islands.

Bay of Naples, Italy

Perfect for less experienced sailors, a majority of the warm waters around Italy’s Tyrrhenian Sea are peaceful and tranquil with short passages, providing plenty of time to explore.

You could hire a professional cook to help on board and take the hassle out of preparing your meals, or opt for onshore exploring into the many beautiful restaurants full of delicious Italian cuisine. The quiet multi-colored waterfront towns here are some of the most beautiful you will ever see, so a stop off here is definitely not something to miss.


Damian has been renting yachts to travel the world for 5 years.

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