Tropical Thai Island Hideaways

Exploring Phuket and Phi Phi Islands

Thai BeachThailand is world famous for its beaches, culture and tropical island hideaways. These islands are actually a unique mixture of pumping nightlife and activities with beautiful secluded coves with white sandy beaches that are surrounded by tall palm trees.  If this sounds idyllic, well it is. The south coast of Thailand is where many of these island retreats are located. There are dozens of tourist islands and hundreds of beaches with world-class hotels that in some cases have water bungalows above stunning coral reefs.


This is the largest island in Thailand. You could easily be for given to think that you are actually on the mainland as it does not really feel like a typical tourist island.  After saying that the island has many gorgeous beaches and is one of the major centers for tourism in the country.  There are a huge amount of interesting activities on offer in Phuket as well.  There are many day and overnight cruises that explore the nearby coral reefs and there is no shortage of elephant and circus monkeys to keep you occupied either.

There is an international airport on the island who receive direct flights from at least 16 countries. Easy access is not an issue when visiting the island of Phuket.  The most a popular beach area is called Patong. Unfortunately there are many bars here that have a red light district feel about them. It is easy to avoid the area though and there are some amazing beaches only several miles away, such as Karon Beach. This is an upmarket beach area but still at extremely affordable prices by Western standards.

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Phi Phi Island

This is actually two islands, the large one which is called Phi Phi Don and the much smaller one  named Phi Phi Ley.  Most people are not actually aware of this and refer to it as one island, this practically makes no difference as they are both relatively small islands with deep secluded coves that tend to have their own marinas for boat transfers anyway.  Thai families are not welcome on these resorts, actually a Thai can only visit them if they are a accompanied by a foreigner.  The resorts only desire to have high paying foreign tourists on their properties who do not know the actual price in Thailand of services.  There are no shortage of good quality restaurants that cater for western diets if you are not able to handle some of the spices of the delicious Thai food.

There are many ferry boats that service Phi Phi Island that depart from Phuket and Krabi on the other side of the bay.   You can do day trips, however I do advise against it as the sunsets and sunrises are gorgeous and a little islands have magnificent atmosphere at this time of day.  They are ideally suited to holiday makers who wish to chill out and relax, those who wish to party hard all night and attend the full moon rave parties are best to avoid these quiet little islands as you may be disappointed by the relaxing ambiance they offer.


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