Travelling Turkey in a Budget

If you are looking to have a memorable holiday, but you’re trying to keep to a budget, then Turkey may just be the country for you. Turkey is a vibrant country, rich in culture, and it is the meeting point of the European and Asian continents. Having been part of the Silk Road for centuries, the country has a rich history of traders buying and selling goods, which made it a very prosperous country. You can still see the old markets in cities such as Istanbul, where you can haggle over the goods you wish to buy, or sit in one of the many cafes and smoke a pipe whilst you watch the world go by. Turkey is a great country to visit and has lots to offer tourists who wish to explore the country‚Äôs many charms.


Cheap Accommodation

There are plenty of cheap hotels in Turkey, which you can easily find by doing a search on the internet. There are also guesthouses and hostels with a wide range of lodging on offer. If budget is the most important thing for you, then you will need to shop around to find the cheapest that is available. If you search online, you can also get lots of reviews about the specific places that you can stay. First-hand experiences by other users can be a good way to find somewhere good to stay. You may find that if you are looking for the cheaper accommodation, you may be less centrally located in the towns or cities that you stay in. So, as long as you are happy to do a bit of travelling, you can save yourself some money. Walking about is also a great way to explore and get to know a place. You can experience a place at the street level and see how the locals live their lives.


Shopping in Turkey

Turkey is full of great shopping opportunities. At places such as markets and bazaars, you can still haggle over the goods that you are looking to buy. Haggling is an art form, and it is something that you need to practice. It is expected so do not be afraid to offer a price and do not accept the first price that they give to you. Ask for the price and then offer them around 30% less. This is a good starting point. Then you can barter a good deal from there. In places such as Istanbul, you will also find many shopping malls with a wide range of stalls available. These places are not open to haggling, but there are still some great deals to be had if you shop around.


Eating in Turkey

Turkey has some great food on offer, and it really is a fusion of east and west. There is the Balkan influence, as well as the spices of Asia, all mixed together to give Turkey some really great tasting food. There is a range of eating establishments all over the place, and you can find some terrific food, which is sold by one of the many vendors in the street. There are high class restaurants, cafes and bistros, as well as the street vendors, which means no matter what your budget is you can find some great tasting food. As Turkey is predominantly an Islamic country, you will not see a lot of pork on the menu. There are plenty of other meats though, as well as a lot of seafood on offer. Meal times in Turkey are definitely something that you look forward to! Try getting off the tourist road a bit, and eat where the locals eat. This will show you good quality food, but also at a good price.

Travelling around Turkey

There is a wide choice of transport available in Turkey, which you can choose to suit your taste and also your budget.

  • Bus
  • Train
  • Boat
  • Car
  • Plane
  • Bike
  • Hitchhiking (see note below)

It is quite easy to get around the country on a budget. Some forms of transport are more expensive than others, so it all depends on your budget, and also where you are going. It is possible to hitchhike, but this is not very common, so you may need to prepare yourself for a long wait before you can get to your chosen destination. Public transport is plentiful and not very expensive so you can travel all over the country for a cheap price, quite easily. Wherever you decide to go in Turkey, or whatever you decide to do, you can have an awesome time in this wonderful country on a very limited budget.


Ted Hunter is a traveler who has wandered all over the world. Ted loves to explore new places and meet new people, whilst also commenting on his adventures in the blogs and articles that he writes. Ted goes on holiday a couple of times a year with his family. He often uses the services of Travel Republic, which offers cheap hotels in Turkey, to arrange all of his travel requirements.

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