Traveling With Kids: Items Not to Leave Home Without

People love to travel; it’s really just a fact of life. There are just so many majestic sites in the world that, relatively speaking, aren’t difficult to get to. Sadly, some people’s ability to get out and travel reduces a bit after they have children, but in actuality, this doesn’t have to be the case. Parents hit the road or skies every day with children ranging from infants to teens. Unfortunately, there are a few specific things that we continuously forget when traveling with younger children, and if we were able to remember a few of these things when the opportunity presents itself, our trips would be much easier.

traveling with kids

Window Shades

We’ve all seen those mesh window shades that many parents put into their car’s back windows. While many may think that their child isn’t in a vehicle enough to worry about this, when traveling, this is an inaccurate assumption. These low cost shades protect babies by keeping the sun’s rays off of them. In addition, since the sun isn’t in an infant’s eyes, it’s much easier for them to fall asleep and give their parents a small break for themselves.

Long Forgotten Toys

Every parent has watched their child ignore a toy for months on end only to fall immediately back in love with it when another child picks it up. Sure, a bit of this is simple jealousy, but in addition, to a child, a toy that hasn’t been played with in a while might as well be a new toy. Far too many parents go out of their way to purchase new toys, which their child will likely only play with shortly, before traveling. In actuality, simply digging to the bottom of their toy chest will be just as effective.

Baby Play Yard

Baby play yards are much like the play pens that many 25 to 30-year-olds recall watching Tommy Pickles repeatedly escape from in the cartoon ‘Rugrats’. Luckily, a baby play yard  isn’t that easy to escape. Though quite an unconventional travel item, these enclosures provide a safe area for a child to play without them feeling totally trapped like they do in walkers, swings or cribs. They are quite easy to set up and break down, so bringing them along ensures that a parent will be able to take their eyes off of their child without worrying about them getting into anything.

Travel Trays

Travel trays are portable trays that fit right over a child’s safety seat. Much like window shields, these are only necessary for car travel, but it’s important to remember that, even if traveling on a plane, there’s likely to be some driving once a final destination is reached. These trays make it possible to feed children and give them something to set their sippy cups on without having to stop at McDonald’s or anywhere else.

Worrying about children should never be an excuse to not get out and travel. When trips are planned correctly, young children can be an added enjoyment to a vacation, but it’s important not to forget that they need a few things to keep them happy along the way. When a little bit of forethought is put into a trip, the end result can be an enjoyable vacation for the entire family.


Frequent traveler and mother of two Nickey Williams knows what kids need for road trips. The InGenuity brand washable baby play yard is designed with both mom and baby in mind. The fabrics can be completely removed for machine washing use, making life a much easier and the fight against germs more hassle free. 

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