Traveling to Mumbai for Medical Treatments

Hospital in Bandra in Mumbai, India

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Mumbai, India’s most cosmopolitan city, has long held on to its status as the financial capital of the country. People from all over the world come to this city to explore its ethnic culture and its ancient heritage sites. But apart from the numerous tourist attractions in Mumbai, there’s a growing medical tourism industry that’s beckoning patients from overseas. The medical tourism industry in India is growing at steady rate. According to the Indian Government, this sector is expected to become a 2.3 billion dollar industry by the year 2012.

Mumbai is home to some of the best world class hospitals in India. There are nearly four JCI accredited and seven NABH accredited hospitals in Mumbai. While these hospitals do offer excellent patient care services at an affordable price, the list of good hospitals does not end here. Mumbai is also home to a few hospital chains that have been recognized as purveyors of high quality services. Since their aim is to offer nothing but the best medical care to patients, an increasing number of patients from overseas travel to Mumbai to get treated at these medical centers. Be it cosmetic surgery, knee replacement or lap band surgery, Mumbai with its robust healthcare system offers it all.

Healthcare in Mumbai – the Benefits

Yes, the crowds are maddening and the traffic even more so, but the low cost of cancer treatment, spine surgery, dental surgery, eye surgery and myriad other treatments is what attracts hordes of medical tourists to Mumbai. The reputable hospitals in Mumbai are replete with the latest equipment that are also used at some of the best hospitals in the US, the UK and the other developed countries of the world. Staff employed by these hospitals is highly trained and the doctors themselves take pride in looking after their patients with utmost care.

Many surgeons who practice in Mumbai have won international awards in the past. These medical practitioners keep themselves abreast of the latest treatments that are used worldwide and also assist patients in taking informed decisions.

Avail Low Cost Treatment in Mumbai

While many people visit India for cancer treatment, a lot of them also come to Mumbai to undergo bariatric surgeries. The primary motivation behind opting for weight loss surgeries in India for many is their low cost. Even revision weight loss surgery in India is offered at a price much lower than that quoted in the US, the UK and Canada. Gastric sleeve surgery in Mumbai is another weight loss procedure performed at some of the best hospitals in the country. Morbidly obese patients not only save a lot of money on surgery but they also have access to excellent post surgical care offered by major hospitals.

Even if the cost of travel to India is taken into consideration, residents of the US, the UK, and Canada can save a lot of money if they decide to undergo medical treatments in Mumbai.

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