Traveling like Royalty on a Budget

Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice luxury. If you’ve got million dollar visions of your vacation, and a thousand dollar budget, there are ways that you can save and still have a fabulous time. If you’re looking to take a fantastic vacation and still have money left over in the bank, here’s how to do it:

Set a Goal and Save

The first step to taking a great vacation on a budget is to set a goal and start saving towards it. By setting aside separate money for your vacation, you won’t have to drain any money from your bank account! How will you save? Will you skip Starbuck’s for a month? Will you scale back on the cable subscription? Look for ways that you can set aside extra money each month for your holiday.

Book Early

The key to getting a great deal on airfare is to book very early or very late. If you’re going to book early, try to buy your plane tickets between ten months and a year in advance. If you’re going to book late, aim for within two weeks of your departure date. Another tip to getting the best prices on airfare is to travel mid-week. If you can leave home, and for home, on Tuesday or Wednesday, you’ll find that your tickets cost $50 to $100 less in most cases.


If you think about it realistically, your hotel room is for sleeping. Do you really need to spend hundreds of dollars a night for a bed? Everyone would love to have Egyptian cotton sheets and an in-room Jacuzzi, but wouldn’t you rather spend your money visiting amazing sites and attractions? Look for budget hotels in the city of your destination. Better yet, look for hostels, apartments or villas. These can often be more cost effective than hotels.

Coupon Books

Contact the chamber of commerce in the city that you’ll be visiting and find out if they are selling any coupon books. Many cities put out these books once a year! For a minimal fee, you can buy a book full of coupons for accommodations, attractions and restaurants. The coupons contained in the book offer substantial savings; using just a few will pay for the book!

Package Deals

Look on sites like Travelocity for package deals. You can often realize significant savings by booking your airfare and accommodations at the same time. You can also find great deals on attractions by purchasing several tickets at once. For instance, if you’ll be traveling to Disney World, booking your airfare, resort stay and attraction tickets as a package can save you hundreds of dollars.

If you’re trying to save money, you don’t have to skip or skimp on your vacation. What you do have to do is get organized and plan ahead. The people that spend the most on their vacations are those that plan and purchase everything at the last minute.

To have a great budget vacation, follow these tips: set a savings goal, book your airfare early, look for budget accommodations and package deals, and take advantage of any coupons that you find. If you do these things, not only will you have a great vacation; you’ll have a luxurious one!

Randall Meyers is a freelance travel writer and blogger for a site that makes it easy to find coupons for just about anything – for example, here’s some new york and company coupon codes. He is always on the lookout for new travel deals!


  1. Everyone would love to have Natural organic cotton linens and an in-room Spa, but will not you rather spend your money viewing awesome sites and attractions? Look for budget resorts in the town of your location. Better yet, look for hostels, flats or rentals. These can often be cheaper than resorts.

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