Travel Within Budget in London with Oyster Travel Cards

The capital city of London is an all-time favorite among holidaymakers or business travelers. Traveling within the city is quite easy for both tourists and Londoners alike as London has a well-connected transport system including tubes, taxis and rail networks etc. No matter whether you are planning for one-time trip to the city or you are a consistent visitor staying in Central London hotels booked through, an Oyster and a travel card offers a convenient access to the public conveyance network of the city.

These cards are a kind of pre-paid tickets to travel within the city and are the smartest, fastest and above that the most profitable way to travel within London for a one side journey on tube, bus, London Over ground, DLR and trams etc. These smart travel tickets make you enjoy the city even more and a holidaymaker especially will understand the importance of this. For those planning to stay in London for long can get daily, monthly, weekly or yearly travel cards added to their Oyster.

Save Time With These Cards in London:

Oyster cards can be used on all trams, DLR, buses, tubes and for all National Rail Services. This is a kind of a smart card which is electronic and you just need to trace your travelcard on the yellow card reader to pass through the tube gates. It keeps you away from standing in long ticket queues, thus saving lot of time.

Oyster cards can be registered online and it benefits for speedy and stress-free renewals. Newer ticket machines are installed in addition, from where you can also appraise your cards thus escaping lines at ticket offices. Bus passes and travel cards can even be bought for just one day in London, or even for 1 week, a month or for 1 year depending upon your stay duration in the capital city.

Pre-Pay Oyster:

These cards can be charged with the amount you select and with the recharged card you can make as many trips as you want to in 24 hours and at the end of the day at each journey you will be charged less than what you would wage for a paper ticket. The aim of these cards is to save your time and money too.

Discounts and Concessions:

As far as discounts are concerned, free travel and various concessions are offered to the elderly, disabled travellers, children under 18, veterans and to those who are receivers of certain benefits.

Ticket Prices and Transport Zones:

The price of the single journey within the city depends on zones you are travelling in. Entire London is divided into 9 sectors or zones from which 1 – 2 covers the Central London and zones 6 to 9 covers the outside edge of the city entirely.

These are instances of what you can expect from these travel cards:

Off-Peak One-Day Travelcard: This card is valid from Monday till Friday from 9.30m and all day on public holidays and at weekends. All prices are valid for adults.

Peak-One Day Travelcard: Validity of this card lasts till 4.30am the succeeding morning.

These are some of the benefits you can actually avail while using these travel cards in London.


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