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Gate Guru

6 Handy Travel Apps for People Who Travel the World Often

Going on vacation is better than ever thanks to all the handy travel apps you can download to your mobile device.  Wherever you’re headed, be sure to check out these five mobile applications. Gate Guru Image via Flickr by Vianzlanc Stay on track at the airport with Gate Guru. This app’s JourneyCard is your go-to […]

travel planning tips

Travel Planning Tips

With so many options online, not sure which to choose to make your travel comfortable and hassle-free? Want to make a quick business trip but don’t want to blow up your budget with expensive flights and hotel bookings? Tips to help you make better travel arrangements Whether you are making travel arrangements for yourself, or […]

Traveling With Ease Prepare For the Next Big Adventure

Traveling With Ease: Prepare For the Next Big Adventure

Planning a vacation can be exciting and overwhelming all at once. Unfortunately, most people consider planning a vacation done when the plane and hotel are booked. Before heading to the airport, consider these four planning tips for a relaxing, stress-free vacation. Budget for Expenses The cost of a vacation doesn’t end with booking the flight […]

Leaving the Country For the First Time

Leaving the Country for the First Time? 5 Musts to Check Off Your To-Do List

Traveling out of the country for the first time can be exciting, but it can be overwhelming too. There are so many tasks to remember to take care of before you go and forgetting something can cause big problems. In your rush to get everything ready, make sure you do not forget these five essential […]

famiily vacation by D.B. Blas on Flickr

Five Steps to Getting Ready for Your Vacation

Getting away from things and taking a vacation, be it alone or with family, is always a great occasion. However, you should be sure that you don’t let the excitement overwhelm you and find yourself neglecting your duties. The best plans are those that are well thought out, and following a few of the below […]

prescription by the Italian voice on Flickr

How To Prepare for a Healthy Trip Abroad

International travel is one of true joys of modern life. Thanks to a massive network of airlines, travel agencies and hospitality companies – all working in tandem on the Internet – even the most exotic of global destinations are only a click, call and print away. However, sometimes the attributes that make these destinations exotic […]

Digital Travel

Digital Tourism: The New Way to Find Travel Deals

According to a 2012 Destination Marketing Association International research study, destination management organisations or online travel sites are investing more money in digital marketing, with numbers reaching more than $39 million over the last few years on perfecting website design. It paid off because around 30 % of tourism sales both European and American holidays occur […]

Self Storage Units

Going on a Long Vacation: 5 Reasons Why You Need a Storage Unit

If you are going away for a long vacation, you may be worried about your possessions. Do you really want to leave them unattended while you are away? One option is to put them into a storage unit for safekeeping. Let’s look at some of the benefits of doing this. Prevents Anyone From Stealing Your […]

Travel Stress by JD Hancock on Flickr

3 Ideas To Take The Stress Out Of Vacation Planning

There is nothing better for relieving stress than a lovely summer vacation. Unfortunately, far too many people get stressed out by simply planning their vacations. With all of the details that need to be sorted out to plan a great vacation, it can quickly become overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be this way though. Follow […]

Family Vacation by Aurimas on Flickr

A Vacation with a Twist – Great Family Activity Holidays

Finding a holiday that keeps the whole family happy can be a real challenge and the traditional options don’t always satisfy. As a great alternative to lounging on the beach or strolling around a city, activity holidays are a fun way to get everyone involved and engaged, regardless of generation. The family holiday can be […]

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