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James Bond Island Ko Tapu Thailand

The World’s Most Interesting Rock Formations

One thing we can never ignore is the beauty of the natural world around us as well as our own achievements as a species on this planet. Nature however has a way of making all our achievements pale in comparison to its unstoppable, unrelenting forces. One of those amazing creations of nature are the world’s […]

Bali Dance

The Photographers Guide to Ubud, Bali

Ubud is the ultimate destination for incredible landscapes, stunning architecture and colorful culture. This inland spiritual haven in Bali is a photographers’ dream. With streets lined with traditional art, forests hiding sculptured temples and hilltops featuring awe-inspiring views, there should be no question where you and your camera are travelling to next. Here’s a list […]

Travel on Instagram

7 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Views of the World

Five million photographs are uploaded to Instagram every day, but that doesn’t mean they’re all worth seeing. Don’t spend your time wading through mediocre vacation snaps. We’ve compiled a list of Instagram’s best travel photographers to save you time! Skimbaco Makes Mark on Instagram Image via Flickr by JACK VIEW Katja Presnal is the brains behind […]

Bar Harbor, Maine Sunset by time stands still on Flickr

The World’s Most Beautiful Sunsets

Being able to experience a beautiful sunset in a new country is one of the best things about travelling around the world; you can appreciate the size and scale of the sunset from a new perspective, while also enjoying some of the most isolated and visually striking destinations to see it from. Some of the […]


How I Plan To Use Instagram For My Round-The-World Trip

With Instagram, I don’t have to worry about lugging a big camera around. I’ll be able to consolidate my (unlocked!) cell phone and camera in one, and save a lot of weight. Since we’re talking about many thousands of miles and weeks of walking through the most fascinating back alleys the world has to offer, […]

San Diego Driveby Sunset by Paul Sapiano

Vacation Photography Tips – from the Car!

Ever find yourself wishing you could take stellar photographs out your car window? Perhaps you’re planning a road trip, and you are keen to realize that not every photo opportunity will occur at a designated scenic overlook parking spot. In fact, often the most exciting and unique photo moments present themselves when you’re flying down […]

Camera for Traveling

Choosing the Right Camera for Travel

There are no memories that stay with us more than a great trip. Sometimes however, the details escape us. As much as we would like to keep those memories fresh in our minds, without souvenirs or mementos they simple fade. With the technology age we are living in there is no reason why we can’t […]

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