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Dog Traveling

Tips for Traveling with Pets

In 2012 the APPA (American Pet Products Association) estimated that 62% of US households have at least one pet. It is therefore not surprising that from time to time pet owners will take their precious pets traveling be it a planned holiday or an unexpected necessity to travel somewhere. Before doing so, it is essential […]

Tips to Prepare Your Dog for a Long Road Trip

Are you planning a long road trip with your pet pooch? Although a road trip is longer than a ride to the store or park, it can be just as enjoyable for your dog. Here are some tips to prepare you and your canine for such trips: 1. Learn How “Pet-Friendly” A Hotel Is If you’re […]

Camping with your dog

How To Travel Safely With Your Pet

Tips For Safe Pet Travel Summertime is almost over but there are still plenty of weekends to pack up the kids and take off on a road trip adventure.  Suitcases are packed and snacks and drinks are ready in the car.  But what about your pet?  Surely you’re not going to leave it behind.  Of […]

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