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Places to Visit on a $500 Budget

If you’re looking to reward yourself for following your personal saving tips—and hitting your savings target last year, then traveling to another country is one of the best rewards you could give yourself. Now, you don’t have to spend your entire savings or overuse your credit cards for your trip. You don’t have to be […]

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Make the Most of Your Vacation Budget

When some people think of vacations, they imagine pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and most certainly an air of relaxation. But looming overhead often times, is the price tag of a great vacation. Holidays can take a toll on your wallet and visiting paradise comes at a cost; however, it is possible to vacation without breaking […]


4 Budget Tips for a Winter Vacation

Planning a winter vacation presents a unique challenge, because most travelers either want a destination that’s great due to the chilly season, or they want to visit a warm and balmy place in spite of it. Top ski resorts and popular islands are aware of their appeal this time of year and set a price […]


World Travel is the New Road Trip

I love to travel. Road trips are awesome, but an around the world trip is way better. I’m talking about the kind of mind-blowing experience where you spend around six months or more to go to all the countries you want to in the world. I suggest you look into AirTreks for ‘round the world […]

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Keeping An Eye On Exchange Rates

If you’re planning on taking a dream vacation in the near future or you are just going to be off and away on a number of business trips over the coming months, it’s going to be essential that you make sure you are paying closer attention to the exchange rates being posted. Many people unfortunately […]

How To Travel The World Without Going Bankrupt

How to Travel the World Without Going Bankrupt

Worldwide travel is a past time that can mean more to you than only channel surfing on digital tv. A reality that the average vacationer is not likely to realize is that a top-quality trip doesn’t necessarily have to mean that price has to be a limitation. Traveling all over the world is a hobby […]

10 Tips for First-Class Holidays on Backpacker Budgets

How do tens of thousands of teenagers, every year, manage to spend years at a stretch in foreign countries after saving up little more than their airfare? Well, backpackers are fundamentally a niche class of traveler – they work at their destination and they share very close living quarters. But those aren’t the only differences in the way they […]

5 Tips To Cut Food Expenses When Traveling

5 Tips To Cut Food Expenses When Traveling

Traveling can be very expensive, especially if everyone in the family hits the road. Aside from transportation and accommodation, you also have to think of your food. Are you going to eat out or shop and prepare your own meals? Surely, it will take a lot of thinking to come up with a budget savvy […]

Skiing Holiday - photo by nonanet via Flickr, Creative Commons

Seven Tips to Save Money on Your Skiing Holiday

With the increase in bills, food shopping, clothing and just about everything else why spend more on your holiday, when you really don’t have to. We have taken the time to show you various ways in which you can make significant savings before and during your ski holiday.’ 1. Borrow or purchase your ski wear in […]

How to Make a Claim on your Travel Insurance

There is always the risk of suffering injury or loss of belongings when travelling. Thus, it is advisable to obtain a travel insurance policy to guard against such potential mishaps in the course of what might be the trip of a lifetime. There are many cheap travel insurance policies available; some are only available online. […]

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