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How To Find The Best Place To Eat While On Vacation

When you are on vacation, you probably don’t think about eating inside the room at the hotel all the time. It might be fun to fix breakfast or lunch, but for dinner, you might want to eat at a restaurant so that you can do something fun in the evening with your family. There are […]

Snake meat

Eating Snake Meat in Shanghai

Sampling local delicacies can be one of the most rewarding parts of international travel, giving you the chance to try foreign foods the way the locals make them, as well as to find new favorites you can impress friends and family with back home. But there are certain foods that test the mettle of even […]

Som Tam

Must-Taste Street Foods in Southeast Asia

One of the most enjoyable parts of travelling is being able to taste local food. Yes, attractions are the primary reasons why people travel. But, it is undeniably true that food also captures the interest of most travellers. Tourist spots satisfy the eyes, while native foodstuffs fill the hungry stomach and curious mind. Do you […]

Paella Street Food in Spain by Diacritical on Flickr

The Food on Holiday in Spain

When we go on holiday to a foreign country, one of the great things is trying all of the local foods that are on offer. If you go to Spain on holiday then you will have lots on offer to keep the hunger away with a mixture of traditional Spanish food as well as lots […]

Anheuser Busch Brewery, St. Louis, Missouri

Best Craft Beer Cities in America

Micro breweries and brew pubs are sprouting up like weeds all over the US. Only these are weeds you don’t want to pull because they serve unique, delicious beer. This “craft beer renaissance” that has swept the US is especially prevalent in the cities below. Planning a vacation but don’t know where to go? Pick […]

Best Destinations in Europe - France

Paris’ Best Traditional Restaurants

A trip to Paris is a popular choice with lots of famous tourist attractions found on every corner, however with such a rich traditional culture indulging in some lesser known local attractions is a must- and where better to start than a cozy traditional French restaurant? Here’s some of the best you’ll find throughout Paris, […]

5 Tips To Cut Food Expenses When Traveling

5 Tips To Cut Food Expenses When Traveling

Traveling can be very expensive, especially if everyone in the family hits the road. Aside from transportation and accommodation, you also have to think of your food. Are you going to eat out or shop and prepare your own meals? Surely, it will take a lot of thinking to come up with a budget savvy […]

Nakji Octopus Stew

Top 5 Places with Unsafe Food

One of the most exciting things about travelling is the discovery of new food. This gives your palate an equal chance to wander the globe along with your feet. However, not all foods are as safe to eat as those you find in your home. In other cases, your own cultural food may be somewhat […]

Beef Tongue

8 Not-Very-Appetizing Traditional Foods from the UK

If you’re a veritable gastronome and you’re visiting the UK, there are plenty of delicacies you should try. But there are also some slightly disgusting – yet very traditional foods – which you may not be so crazy about. Unless, of course, you’re also a brave spirit who’s unafraid of what ingredients may lurk within […]

Packable Food - Image by Ish Frost on Flickr, used under Creative Commons License

Travel with Peace of Mind: Include a Stash of Emergency Food on Your Luggage

These days, enthusiasts of the “prepping” movement are appearing everywhere. This movement emphasizes the importance of storing away an abundance of food, water, and other items in the instance of there being a natural disaster or an emergency of another kind.  That way, if you are unable to leave your home for whatever reason or […]

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