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Many vacation trips begin and end at airports. When traveling to a destination more than a few hours away, it's common to travel by air. Knowing how to plan to travel with the airlines is key to getting cheap flights and enjoying your experience to and from your destination. In the age of computers, we're blessed to be able to book flight tickets online through any number of travel websites. The key to this experience is to book your flights from home to your destination based on timing, convenience, safety, and comfort.

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Airplane by epSos .de on Flickr

Useful Flight Schedule and Flight Look-up Tools

Whether you are an organization that is striving to maintain the efficient delivery of products and service overseas or someone who relies on accurate information relating to your flight status it is likely that you have found yourself lost amidst an unruly airport timetable. Flight look-up tools can make a real difference and the reason […]

Toddlers and Flights by ryaninc on Flickr

Toddlers and Flights – Follow 5 Tips to Overcome the Challenges

Long flights, delays and connections can make traveling stressful, and even a nightmare when infants and toddlers are in tow. Flying with children doesn’t have to prove challenging. Anticipating your child’s necessities and planning ahead of time will ensure you’re prepared to meet their needs throughout the duration of your trip. You can be equipped […]

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Learning to Fly: Top Tips for Overcoming Flight Fear

Does fear of flying keep you grounded? If you constantly make excuses not to travel abroad and panic about getting on an airplane, there is help. Fear of flying can be conquered. Here are top tips to overcome flight fear for good. Understand What’s Causing Your Fear Whether you fear undergoing the terrifying experience of […]

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5 Tips and Tricks for Traveling like a Pro

Travel is often exciting and rewarding. However, if you don’t travel often, what you don’t know can soon turn travel into a nightmare. Lost tickets, missed planes, and more can take all the fun out of traveling. Here are some great tips to keep your travel plans right on track. Join the Club If you […]

long distance flights by rkimpeljr on Flickr

Long Distance Flights Can Be Stress Free

As your holiday trip date nears, the excitement will definitely increase. No matter where you are going, the anticipation of a well-earned break is always there. The lead up to your holiday can feel like an age, and all that you can think about is getting to your destination to relax and unwind. Before you […]

aging aircraft

Failure to Fly: Are Aging Airliners Safe?

In 1991, the U.S. Congress passed the Aging Airlines Safety Act. This Act required all airlines to come into compliance with repair rules for aging planes by December 2010. Part of this Act described specific rules and regulations that would ensure the integrity of the plane and the safety of its passengers. At the time […]

Atlanta Airport via Flickr by Bob B. Brown

Mobile Nation: America’s 4 Best Airports for Tech Travelers

Digital-savvy travelers are well aware of how fast technology moves. These patrons are benefiting first hand from many of the innovations that have been incorporated into airport environments across the globe. While airports worldwide are embracing the technological revolution, these four are widely considered the best for tech travelers. 1. Dallas – Fort Worth (DFW) […]

Airplane Passengers

Keeping Occupied on the Long Haul Flight

Running out of things to do on a long flight will inevitably lead to self-loathing, triggered either by the pattern on the fabric of the seat in front of you or the particularly awful in-flight movie.  That’s why it’s always a good idea to pack multiple items to keep yourself occupied.  The more options you […]

Charter plane

Reasons To Choose Air Charter Over Commercial Airlines

Do you find yourself dreading the thought of sitting through another 5-hour flight on a commercial airline every time you need to travel? You’re not the only one. While flying is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to travel nowadays, many things that inescapably come with commercial flights have, through the years, given […]

Best Airlines for Techies

The Techie’s Guide to Air Travel

With the average American owning 1.57 mobile devices, the number of laptops, tablets, smartphones and even web-enabled entertainment devices is prolific. Never before in history have we been able to do so much on the go. That is, until we reach an airport. Regardless of whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, all techie travelers […]

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