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The time when you're a student is a great time for travel, because there are so many opportunities, and you don't yet have work or family responsibilities to schedule around. Although you may have a limited budget in college, there are options such as a budget spring break trip, a study exchange program, a year abroad doing volunteer work, and more. There are also discounts available for student travel tours.

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6 Reasons Why Traveling To the U.S. Is Important for Young People

Traveling, working, or living in the USA is a top dream for many young people. However, most of these youth people target to visit the global superpower after making a life back home. That isn’t the best approach regardless of whether an individual eventually sets foot in the country in old age. The opportunities that […]

South Padre Island

Neat Ideas for Spring Break Travel

Getting a jumpstart on your spring break plans not only can save you money on hotels and airfare, but it is also a great distraction from the stress of school. Deciding where you want to go before everyone else gives you more options to plan the perfect vacation. From Cancun to Cabo, learn about some […]

London Eye

6 Summer International Holidays Students Can’t Miss!

You’ve spent the past eight months or so in school and June is quickly approaching. It’s time to start planning your summer vacation! If you’re looking for a fabulous destination, you’re in luck! Here are six destinations that are sure to bring excitement to your life and make your forget just how hectic your life […]

Spring Break Beach Volleyball

Hot Spots: Spring Break 2012

Every day you roll out of bed and head to class. Every afternoon you walk home from class, stop at the dining hall, grab some dinner and head back to the dorm. Every night you’re sitting at your desk studying for your next exam or writing your next paper. You deserve a break! It’s time […]

Hit the Road

College Road Trip With Your Teen

Going on a road trip to look at colleges with your teenager should be a fun, exciting experience. While the two of you may have different expectations for the trip, a little planning and plenty of clear communication can help both of you to get the most out of the adventure. Choosing Colleges Carefully consider […]

Searching for a Midwest College

When your recent high school graduate is ready to “fly the coop” and head to college, take advantage of this  probable final “vacation” with your adult child and go check out some great schools together.  It’s a perfect time to pass on valuable grown up information they will need to be aware of, if not […]

UK College Tours Worth Taking

  As your teenager grows up, college begins to loom around the corner. Instead of growing melancholy about your child leaving home, take this time to bond with them. You’ll inevitably take some trips to visit prospective schools. Use those long hours in the car or on a plane to sneak in some last bits […]

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